Saturday, July 17, 2010

Congrats Pa and Dually!

They were total rockstars today at Stuart and went double clear at their first Training together! The course was TOUGH, with the 4th fence a max table to corner (!!) combination, followed by a drop to a brush, a combination that involved another max table turning to a set of offset rails, a big house to a sizable drop into water, and a full coffin. Plus, the optimum time was over 6 minutes on the hilliest course in Area I! Both dudes came off course a little hot and tired, but cooled off quickly. Since I sent them off and received them at the finish, I only got to see 4 jumps, but they were all awesome, and it sounds like everything else went super smoothly too. Good boys!

I have to say, I was feeling a bit like a nervous horse show mom watching them in the warmup; I care so much about both of them, and even though I knew they would be great, I had more than my fair share of butterflies!

Happily, Kiki is also looking much better. She's also on some serious anti-inflammatories and a very aggressive icing and wrapping routine, though, so it's a bit hard to tell what the actual progress is. The more I think about it, the more I think her cellulitis flare-up of a week and a half ago was in fact a red herring, and that there was something lurking from that pasture accident that the shipping and dressage exacerbated. I don't know whether this train of thought makes me feel better or worse: on one hand, it provides an answer and something specific to point to at our next vet check when we get back from Stuart; while on the other hand, it's just another moment where I let an injury go too far. I'm not sure how I could have caught this sooner, as I treated it aggressively then and was cleared by a vet to return to full work, but probably I could have and so should have. I'm just going to have to think harder about what my system is for identifying and treating irregularities from the start, as what I'm currently doing doesn't seem to be working.


Jess said...

Irregularities are tough and they can psych you out and make you think you are crazy for seeing something that maybe isn't there, but better safe than sorry! Horses are a lot more delicate than we think and sometimes we need to let them be so they can heal. They take very good care of us, returning the favor is usually pretty simple ;-) I hope Kiki is just having a weird weekend and it's nothing serious. GO DUALLY AND PA!!!!

Alana said...

But,but...where are the pics?!? Congrats Pa and Dually!!

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