Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Good Life

The last couple of days on the farm have been the most beautiful since I first got back in mid-June: warm and sunny without being too humid with crisp, cool nights. Ahhhh. When the weather's like that, it's not hard to remember that this truly is the good life.

(Figgy the 10hh pony investigates my camera lens)

Yesterday was a big day for Kiki because she got her first pair of hind shoes! I'm definitely not against shoes (every horse I've had since ponies has worn four all around), but I have to admit I was pretty proud of Kiki's beautiful bare feet. In California, where we rode on a more consistently prepared surface, we had no trouble at all; since coming home to Massachusetts, however, she's been flaring and chipping a bit too much to be happy with. The vet thinks that a foot problem might have contributed to her (otherwise totally mysterious) Stuart debacle, so suggested adding hind shoes, and so I accepted.

(Phil finishes the shoe)

(Kiki was a star for her first hind nailing in)

(Oh geez, life is sooo hard)

Phil did a beautiful job and I hope that they'll make Kiki more comfortable. At the very least, it might help point to a more root issue (or cross an issue off the list).

Meanwhile, the farm is looking significantly less parched after a few good days of rain at the end of last week:

... And our new puppy, Ducky, is getting used to life on the farm!

(Too. Cute.)

I tried to take some conformation shots of Ringo and Kiki yesterday, with mixed success. Kiki, especially, was not very helpful, but she put up with me.

(This one's hilarious because it shows what a little shrimp she is!! She's so small!)

(Ringo looking handsome... just missing a top line. Sigh...)

(Ahh, much better Kiki!)

The most exciting thing that's happened in a while: last night I went to reset Ringo's wraps and apply his Surpass, and the lump of his bow was GONE. I know that it's just the inflammation around the injury that's receding, and not really the injury itself, but it still feels like progress. This means that we're one step closer to being ready to do the stem cell, which means we're one step closer to getting Ringo better. The road is still so depressingly long from here, but it's nice to feel like we've at least begun the journey to recovery.


Jess said...

Great pics! What a beautiful farm :-)

Alana said...

You are so amazingly lucky! That is a lovely farm!!
Go Ringo! One lump down, it is all, um, not downhill, that would stress his leg, so...smooth sailing from here on out? Whatever, good luck handsome man!
I guess I missed the posts where you break down all the details of your horses. How tall are Kiki, Ringo, and Dually? What breeds? Ages? All that good stuff!

Montgomery White said...

just found your blog, loving it. You've got some great horses too..

Katherine Erickson said...

Thanks guys! And Alana, that's a great idea; I haven't done any posts at all that introduce the horses more basically. I'll definitely try to put some "pony profiles" together in the next few days!

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