Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Wrap Up and July Goals

(Ahh, Summertine... and the living is so easy)

WAHOOOO how awesome has this weather been recently? 70s, dry, sunny, and breezy. We only get a few days like this a year, so I've been trying hard to take advantage of it. The ponies have definitely been enjoying not being harried by bugs and melted in the heat (enjoy it while you can, guys... the heat comes back starting tomorrow!), and they've been feeling great. Ringo went on his first hack in the park today (with Dually's help) and was super. I'm trying hard to let him be a horse again, and I think he's enjoying it.

Now, to the June goals:

(Wiley is excited about June Goal Wrap Up!)

--Get home safe and sound with both ponies and all my crap.
Yes! Despite Billie-Jean wanting to break down, we made it home safely with two happy ponies. The weather was great, the sights were beautiful, and once again I was reminded how lucky I am to get to share these moments with my dad.

--Have a good re-debut for Ringo at Groton House, meaning:
----calm and pleasant in his stall and on the grounds

Yes! He was amazing in his stall and on his handwalks - none of his usual moping and stressing.

----positive jumping experiences
Medium - cross country warmup, cross country itself, and show jumping warmup were all fabulous, and show jumping itself ended on a much more positive note than it could have. We still, however, have lots and lots to do.

----the same great dressage we've been doing of late in an eventing setting!
Medium. I thought our test at Groton House was, frankly, awful, and it was because he was being tense, stiff, and flat. If it had been a true dressage test at the level we'd been doing in May, I'm pretty sure we would have gotten a flat 50%. He had moments of being his normal self in warmup, but also many more where he was barging, leaning, and generally being a bit of an idiot. We've got more to work on.

--Have a good second Novice for Kiki at Groton House, meaning:
----calm and quiet in all three phases
Yes! She was a superstar and really stepped up in terms of maturity.

----a clean show jumping round would be nice!
Yes with the minor caveat that I missed a fence! But I'm pretty sure she would have jumped that one cleanly as well; she was so fabulous.

----a clean, educational ride xc
No, but yes on educational for me at least. I let her down at the water; it was a reminder to me that I have to be there and give her more of a ride to help her actually see what's being asked of her. She was fabulous and ready to be clear on a tough course, but I didn't do what I had to do to get her there.

--"7" on Rider (it's going to happen eventually this year!!)
Yes! 4 times, three times on Kiki and once on Ringo! YAY!

--Get summer schedule ironed out
Haha wishful thinking.

--Turn 21!! (Three days =D)
Yes! And man does it feel good =), though it was bittersweet to hear the presentation of awards for the JYOP division at Groton House as I was walking back with Ringo, and know that now, officially, that is a division that I will NEVER enter at this event (or possibly, based on my season, anywhere else) again. I so hate black and whites; they always make me sad.

--Do at least one non-horsey, non-loafing-around-the-house thing a week.
I don't know if this is true, but I've sure been busy!


Well, so I think the goals reflect the ups and downs of the month. I really have been pleased with how much Ringo has improved in the jumping, but Groton House showed that we still have a long way to go. Kiki, on the other hand, I think has been improving without me even noticing, and Groton House was a wake up call for me that I have to give her a ride commensurate with the effort she's giving me. She's ready to be treated like a big girl, but that means proper lines, turns, and focus on my part. July will, therefore, be a chance for some rider redemption for me in that regard.

So, July goals:

--Continue building strength in hind end on hillwork
--Get a complete veterinary work up to dismiss any possible medical issues (lymes, recheck of old tendon lesion, etc)
--Continue to jump positively at home and in lessons with Suzi on a regular basis
--Be able to jump comfortably at Training/Prelim height by the end of the month
--By flowers and fill for the arena at home to practice over
--Get out to at least one Apple Knoll jumper night
--Have a positive Stuart experience, meaning:
----Dressage closer to what we can do at home
----Another positive and fun cross country experience
----Good consistency from my ride in the show jumping

(Ringo is pumped for the month ahead)

--Incorporate hills into daily routine to build stride and strength
--Keep desensitizing on the flat
--Begin working on Training level movements and jumping questions
--Really feel, by months' end, that she can easily read and understand all the questions that I'm putting in front of her, and then actually do them
--Practice a drop into water
--Huntington redemption, meaning:
----Obedient in the dressage
-----A good, consistent, focused ride from me on Cross Country
-----Same in show jumping
--Hopefully, feel ready to do Training at Millbrook by month's end!

(Kiki says, "No Problem!")
--Lots of two point and hillwork for ME to get my balance and strength back
--At least one no-stirrups ride a week
--Stay positive with both horses; keep looking for new solutions and don't get bogged down in steps backward (because let's face it; they're going to happen)
--Actually go out and see non-horsey, non-farm people at least once a week
--Help Pa with the summer projects around the farm

Man, I love summer! So much to do, but I think I've got a good shot of making July the best month yet of 2010 =)

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Alana said...

Aw, Wiley is so adorable! I've been following your blog for quite awhile, I love it, you and your ponies are so very impressive! What about the run-down on your Pa and Dually at Groton House?

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