Friday, July 16, 2010

A Letter to Stuart HT

Dear Stuart,

You are such a beautiful event. Your fields are green, your courses are immaculately built, and no expenses are spared in making the riders and spectators feel like a big deal. This year, Mother Nature has even shined on you and given you soft gallop tracks and only a minimal amount of torrential thunder and lightning storms to mess that footing up again (only one big delay by the end of day 1!! Keep up the good work). You should be one of my favorite events of the season.

But you and I don't get along. I get that. We've had our differences in the past, when Dually and I not only incurred our only career cross country penalty on your course but then he proceeded to colic as soon as we got back to the barn, which would in turn set up the complicated net of health problems that would result in the pulmonary bleed that ended our trip to Young Riders later that year (thanks!!)... but I was ready to forgive. I learned a lot about horse care from that debacle and everyone lived to play again, so I could forgive you. You are one of Pa's favorite events, and so I was ready to come back this year with a big smile on my face. But seriously, this year again with the hijinks? Now Kiki has mystery swelling and lameness that the competition vets can't even begin to diagnose with any certainty, and I'm sitting in the barn keeping my horse's leg in an ice bucket and thanking my lucky stars we caught it super early instead of enjoying the wonderful sound young horse I had checked out (and passed with gushing compliments!) by a vet less than a week ago (with no abnormal moments in between then and now).

(Kiki in the middle of her mysteriously cataclysmic dressage test, to which she walked down sound, in which she went absolutely rogue and gave the horsey hoof to every ounce of training she's had in almost two years, and from which she walked back lame... with nary a memorable stumble, tweak, misstep, or step of unsoundness along the way.)

You make a girl want to cry.




But in all seriousness, I'm very sad. I don't really believe in luck, so I feel like I'm missing something. I just wish I knew what, so I could try to start fixing it.

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PruSki said...

Hang in there girlfriend! I know things seem shitty now, but i am sure GOD knows the reason. Just keep truckin' and you AND you ponies will be fine!

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