Sunday, July 18, 2010

Safely Home From Stuart!

Yay! Even though we got stuck in almost an hour of traffic, we made it home safely and without incident. Both the ponies seemed happy to see their stalls, and Pa and I were definitely happy to see the end of the road!

Pa and D had a great show jumping round, marred by one brief loss of stirrups! The dude isn't the easiest horse to show jump, and I was really proud of how Papa rose to the occasion over a big and atmospheric course. They only had one rail, and the jumps they jumped well they jumped perfectly. Good job, Boys!

Here are some classy camera phone photos of the weekend (unfortunately my mom took the camera for the weekend so I have way less than usual!):

(Don't Tread on Me flag outside the patron tent... Man I love being home!!)

(Bait vending machine in town... super awesome)

(Aww what a good little whitefoot)

(Enjoying dinner in town)

(Kiki and I agree: Stuart is beautiful!)

1 comment:

Alana said...

Wow! That does look lovely!!

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