Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Year With Ringo

It's hard to believe that just a few days over a year ago, I sat on Ringo for the first time. I'm still in shock that such a wonderful and talented horse has come into my life; we've had our ups and downs, but that doesn't mean that I don't still feel lucky every single day that I get to be around him. He's such a gifted and well-educated athlete, and he has many lessons to teach me that I've only begun to tap into. I really hope that I can figure out how to make him confident and happy in the jumping, but even if we never trot an X again I'm confident that we'll still be able to have a lot of fun together and that he'll be able to teach me an enormous amount. That's a pretty good feeling, all things told, and something I often remind myself of when other aspects of our relationship get frustrating.

So what have I learned from Ringo? What have I learned about him?

I've learned...

...that you really can get on a horse for the first time and feel like you've known them for much longer.

... that Ringo is beautiful (duh).

... that Ringo is a good sport.

... that Ringo is a cool customer.

... that Ringo has the best jump I've ever sat!!

... that Ringo is a good partner.

... that Ringo is a good friend!

... that Ringo is generous!

... that Ringo is picture-perfect.

... that Ringo is, umm... idiosyncratic.

... that Ringo can be a delicate flower.

... that Ringo is fancy!

... that Ringo is a trier.

... that I love Ringo.

I've also learned...

... how to sit (better than I am in the photo above!).

... how to polish.

... how to get a 9!

... how to be a more tactful and patient rider.

And finally, with Ringo I've gotten to see some pretty amazing things:

Hopefully there'll be many more beautiful places and wonderful moments to come! Here's to another great year, and many more after that.


Rachel said...

what great pics! Congrats on your anniversary and all of your accomplishments up to this point!

Val said...

Certainly an impressive year!!!
And a wonderful horse, of course.

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