Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy 200th Post!! And July Wrap Up

Wahoo! Happy 200th post! This blog has come a looong way from the rough, single paragraph-style journal that it was when I first started out =)

As promised, here's my July wrap up and goals:

--Continue building strength in hind end on hillwork
Well... yes, until the vet came.

--Get a complete veterinary work up to dismiss any possible medical issues (lymes, recheck of old tendon lesion, etc)
Yes, but unfortunately medical issues were not dismissed!

--Continue to jump positively at home and in lessons with Suzi on a regular basis

--Be able to jump comfortably at Training/Prelim height by the end of the month

--Buy flowers and fill for the arena at home to practice over

--Get out to at least one Apple Knoll jumper night

--Have a positive Stuart experience, meaning:
----Dressage closer to what we can do at home

----Another positive and fun cross country experience

----Good consistency from my ride in the show jumping

(How Ringo and I both feel about him getting layed up)

--Incorporate hills into daily routine to build stride and strength
Yes! We've been doing a half hour - hour hack in the park every day in addition to whatever ringwork we've been doing, and I've really noticed a difference in her ability to load her hind end and use herself on the hills out there.

--Keep desensitizing on the flat
Well, she's certainly been quieter on the flat; I know it's at least partly from my efforts, but am worried that it's also partly because she's not feeling 100%. Hmm...

--Begin working on Training level movements and jumping questions
Yes! A lot got tabled in the Staurt incident, but before that we'd had good success with our Training-level "Plus" dressage movements (stretchy circles, lengthenings, shoulder-in, a wee bit of haunches-in at the walk, leg-yields, etc), longer passages of sitting trot, and dropped in and banked out of water xc schooling yesterday. We haven't really done the height yet (especially since we haven't jumped since before Stuart), but we've made some good steps.

--Really feel, by months' end, that she can easily read and understand all the questions that I'm putting in front of her, and then actually do them
Yes. She was handling the skinny way better before Stuart, and really got what I was asking her xc schooling. She can always get more confirmed, but I think we progressed this month.

--Practice a drop into water
YES. Like a champ. We even did a drop in, canter through, bank out.

--Huntington (Well, Stuart) redemption, meaning:
----Obedient in the dressage
Nooooo. She was so rank, but there turned out to be an extremely legitimate reason for her behavior.

-----A good, consistent, focused ride from me on Cross Country

-----Same in show jumping

--Hopefully, feel ready to do Training at Millbrook by month's end!
No. I think mentally she's ready to do Novice at Millbrook and move up to Training at Huntington, but physically she's currently a question mark.

(Cute little Mare-Bear... let's figure out what's going on with your legs!!)

So, July was not my most successful month, goal-wise. I struggled hard with soundness with both of my horses, which pretty much explains in itself why so many goals weren't met. Neither of my horses were ever naughty or rank, and I think I did everything I could as a rider. But sometimes, things happen! Oh well. August is going to be all about making sure both Ringo and Kiki are feeling as good as they can before Kiki and I head back to California for school (Ringo will stay behind so he can recover on the farm). So, my August goals are these:

--Move ahead with Stem Cell, monitoring for any negative reactions.
--Keep up his hand grazing routine
--Do everything I can to keep him comfortable and happy.
--After Stem Cell, get a clear plan with the vet as to what our strategy is from here.

(Ringo shows his dislike for Banamine paste... for two minutes straight! Way to keep a "stiff upper lip" about treatment, dude! (oh geez I make myself laugh haha))

--Get a chiropractic check up/evaluation
--Get ultrasounded, if necessary
--Monitor legs closely and respond appropriately
--Ideally, have a nice outing at Millbrook, meaning:
----Obedient and relaxed in the Dressage
----Focused and smooth on cross country
----Obedient and consistent in the show jumping
--Super ideally, move up to Training at Huntington!

(I've been spotted!)

I just heard from the vet this morning that there's been a small hitch in the stem cell culture: turns out they found a hair in one of the collection tubes, and so have to keep the sample a few extra days to make sure it's totally sterile before sending it back. I was so worried when I first heard that this meant that we were going to have to do the entire collection again (I don't know how much butt fat Ringo has to spare!!), but it's much more likely that after a few additional days of extra monitoring the culture will be ready to go as is. So, instead of getting injected tomorrow, it will likely happen early next week. No problem! I'm sure Ringo will enjoy the extra few days of not being poked and prodded =)

(Ringo's "wound" from where we took the cell sample. Poor dude got some liposuction!)

I decided that, if I was really serious about taking Kiki to Millbrook, I was going to have to bite the bullet and actually jump at least once before we left. I've been super nervous to do so, mainly because I've been afraid of what it might reveal about her leg. She was AWESOME yesterday when I jumped her: I just popped a cross rail and a few verticals (probably 10 fences in all), and she just loped around like it was no big thing. For anyone that knows Kiki, this is a BIG DEAL!! She was starting to feel that way at Groton House, and I was so delighted that it's carried over. It's just wonderful to feel like I can put my leg on and not have my horse explode (!!). In order to see the effect on her leg, I deliberately kept the wraps off last night, though I couldn't help but cold hose them a bit as I was spraying her off afterwards. I haven't gone down to the barn yet (ahh days off from morning feeding!!), so we shall see...

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Country Sporthorse said...

Sending well wishes for Ringo. I hope he has a successful treatment and recovery!

200 posts, can't wait for 200 more. You are a great writer and it is evident that you are equally so as rider and horse owner.

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