Sunday, August 22, 2010


OK I'm super brain dead and have to start cooking dinner in a minute, so this might not be my most eloquent post, but I've got to write in because I'm sooo proud of my newly minted TRAINING PONY!!

I haven't been to Huntington in over fours years (since my very first Prelim with Dually!) and it's looking just as beautiful as ever. The footing was actually much better than I remember (I always think of it being so wet and boggy), and even with the rain that we eventually ended up getting everything held up remarkably well.

Kiki did NOT enjoying being rained on during our dressage warmup, especially at one point when it was raining so hard that the water went into her ears! I was really proud of how she pulled it together when we went in the ring though, and we produced a test that I thought was steady and relaxed. The judge did NOT agree, apparently, and so we got a much worse score than I thought we deserved, but I was still pleased with her which was the bottom line. It was also one of those annoying things where every time I rode by the judge's box, I glanced over and saw that the judge wasn't even looking at what was happening; she was slouched in her chair looking down at the table. OK, one time I can see that happening, but literally every time I rode by the end of the ring? No one is putting a gun to this woman's head to be there judging; why not at least watch the entire ride? Alright, stepping off my soapbox now... that's just one of my big pet peeves.

After a quick turn around, we were off again to go cross country. I'd walked the course the night before, and was really excited! There were a few bigger fences and new questions, but overall it looked very doable. And what a star Kiki was! It was our best round together yet, totally smooth and easy from start to finish. She wasn't as strong as she'd been as Millbrook, and was rideable right from the start (well, maybe from the 2nd - she definitely chose the distance at the first!!). We cruised around with a few time penalties, but man I was proud of her. What a brilliant little mare!!

(Superstar coming back from cross country - I'll put up with how doofy I look because she looks soooo cute!)

Then after another little break, it was off to show jumping. After having such a great go on cross country, I was feeling a bit more confident, and also thought the course looked good for her, with mostly bending lines and singles, and only one long line (that was measured a bit short - yes!). Unfortunately, I did NOT ride as well as I needed to. Kiki was tired after that long of a day and came into the ring very quiet, and instead of revving her into a good energetic canter I kind of just sat there and did nothing. I'm so used to the way she jumps normally, where all I have to do is balance with my body and she supplies the RPMs, that I was totally lost having to provide the RPMs for her! Then, it didn't help that she slipped around the turn to the first double, and I totally chickened out of putting my leg on, which got us into it completely backwards. Bad bad bad! Such bad riding! I was really frustrated with myself because I'm too experienced of a rider to have piloted her like that; I want to think that I'm better than how I rode today.

(Pa and I hiding out in the truck in between rides - it was very wet and cold!)

The good news was that Kiki came out of it no worse for wear, and I think with some very concentrated work on MY show jumping skills over the fall, she's going to be a rock star. She put up with my horrid piloting today, which means that she'll blossom when I can actually give her the right ride. It's time to get some lessons!

Also on the upside, I met a blog reader today, who then went on to win our division! Congratulations!

On the Ringo front, we're in heavy monitoring mode after his stem cell on Friday. There is a fear of the leg blowing up (and I do know of at least one horse that's had a negative reaction), so I'm doing extra cold therapy and pressure wrapping, just in case. When I took the pressure off the first time, I was delighted:

(Looking good! What were we afraid of?)

But then, within a few minutes of being out of the pressure wrap, it looked like this:


Fortunately I was pre-warned for this, and didn't totally wig out (only sort of). Apparently this sort of swelling is normal in the first 24 hours because of a reaction from all the local anesthetic injected into the tendon. Today, it looked much better, even after 45 minutes of unwrapped freedom (and a night in a normal wrap, not a specialized pressure wrap):

(Phew! Looking better)

He'll spend the next two weeks in the wraps, and then, if all goes well, will start to wean off of them. This is exciting, because he's been wrapped continuously since we discovered the lesion in early July. His skin (and his caretakers) will both be happy for a break!

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PruSki said...

Sorr you had a crappy ride. I'm glad you are sill happy though. Good to hear about Ringo. Sounds lik he will make a great recovery! Can't wait to hear!!!

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