Friday, August 20, 2010

Whittling Down, and Ringo Gets Stem Cell!

(I don't want days like this to end)

(Ahh... summer)

Gahhhh, HOW is it August 20th already? This summer has blasted by a million and a half times faster than I ever could have thought, and in just a few short days Papa and I will be turning around and driving back to California. It feels like I've just arrived home, not like the two and a half months that have actually gone by. I've had a great time, and I'm going to miss the farm very much. Every day this week it seems like I've done one more thing for the "last" time, which is NOT my favorite feeling, but I'm trying hard to enjoy everything rather than getting overly nostalgic. Trying.

(Cutest. Beast. Ever.)

It's a mad dash to the finish line, with a trip to Huntington thrown in on side (just to keep things interesting, of course!), and I'm definitely feeling a little short on hours at the moment. In great news, Kiki feels totally fab, if a touch blasé after a few too many hot dusty days in the ring. After Huntington and the return trip to California, Kiki will get a six week vacation until her next competition (the first three weeks of which will be almost complete rest), so I'm hoping she can stay with me for the next seven days. She's never felt physically better and she's certainly not sour, so I'm pretty confident that she'll be up for it. We shall see!

(Kiki enjoying what little grass remains in her field after a nonstop summer of face-stuffing)

In very exciting news, Ringo got his stem cell today! After a week of delay because of the extra time needed to sterilize the sample after a hair was found in it, this morning we finally made it happen. Ringo was a CHAMP from start to finish, and I was really grateful for my friend Robin being there as an extra set of hands to help things run smoothly. The prep required a lot of extra work to try to get things sterile, as the aisle of a busy working barn is hardly the most sterile place to start with! After what seemed an incredible amount of time spent trying to prepare needles without actually have them make contact with anything, the vet finally was able to get the ultrasound (wrapped in a sterile glove filled with rubbing alcohol!) out and targeting the lesion.

(Ringo nomming pre-procedure... I have NO idea how the camera managed to make his ears so ginormous!! They're big, but they're not THAT big)

Very happily, the lesion has definitely improved in the past five weeks on its own; that gives me a bit more hope for how it's going to proceed with the help of the stem cell. It was cool to get to watch the ultrasound monitor, which not only showed the needle when she inserted it, but also showed the stem cell culture leaving the needle and entering into the lesion. It reminded me of the time I had to get an ultrasound done on my heart in high school and I got to see my own heart beating: just one of those really cool medical technology moments.

Also, in a huge windfall, Pa and I managed to de-farmify ourselves a bit and make it into Boston for a Red Sox game! They lost, kind of horribly, but it was still a ton of fun. Definitely something to check off the summer "must do" list!

(EPIC parking win)

(Ahh the good life)

(Pa in a "Pioneers, O Pioneers" moment at Fenway)

Alright, off to pack - lots to do in the next few hours and days!

(Another epic win: my Preliminary gold medal came in the mail this week! A reminder that at one time, one place, Ringo and I actually could compete successfully together... sigh)

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