Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bad News Kiki-Bears

Well, as might be guessed from the title, the vet visit did not go as swimmingly as I'd hoped. Since I'd been away and hadn't seen Kiki go for myself, I was sincerely hoping that it was no big deal and that this visit would merely provide a clean sheet and a baseline with which we could head off into the fall with. I'd checked her over as soon as I'd gotten back and felt nothing of note (whereas obvious heat and swelling have always been present when she's been off in the past), so my hopes were guardedly high that all was going to go well.

After a full check over in the cross ties with no findings, the vet tech was kind of enough to jog her so that I could watch with the vet, and on the straight ground she looked pretty good. Then we put her on a circle on the hard ground, and after a bit of a shaky go (that looked more like her being tense and playful rather than being actually unsound) to the left, she was quite bad to the right. My heart absolutely sank. It was as bad as it had been at Stuart, though this time there was no swelling or heat anywhere to help us try to identify where she was hurting.

Flexions revealed something going on on the right hock. She's always been a bit more positive on that one, but was considerably more so yesterday. We did a block that was inconclusive, but then couldn't go any further because the vet didn't have her equipment to do any imaging, which has got to be the next step for identification as we've run out of what our eyes alone can tell us. So, she's coming back on Friday to do first a radiograph of that hock, and then if that's inconclusive an ultrasound of her hock going up, to check out the achilles tendon and its surroundings. She's thinking that it might be an OCD lesion (which the radiographs would show) or a strain/tear of the achilles. Both are not particularly good things!!

I'm very sad, mostly because I know that Kiki isn't feeling her best. She perks up around me, but I was spying on her out in her paddock (she's quiet enough out there and loves it so much that I decided not to take that away from her until we have to) after the vet left and she just seemed so listless and flat: the polar opposite of her usual bubbling, effervescent self. I feel so bad because I've been away from her these past weeks and she's been suffering.

It's so frustrating not only not to know what's wrong (and so be unable to start fixing it), but also to not know how it happened in the first place (and so be able to prevent it in the future). I think it all goes back to that day in March when she came in from the field with a swollen right hock. She's been sound and amazing since then, but whenever she has been off it's always been that right hind plaguing her in one way or another. It feels just like Ringo, where I honestly feel that I tried as hard as I could to do the best by my horse, but it seems like I actually kept riding her while a serious injury incubated, unbeknownst to me.

I'm really hoping that Friday at least brings some conclusive news, whatever the level of doom they might bring with them. I'm just so sick of this entire guessing game.

In good news, though, Ringo (back home in Massachusetts) is getting ready to head out to his first taste of turnout in almost three months! Of course, it will be in the medical turnout, which is basically the size of his stall, and it will only be for little (well-guarded and supervised) snippits at a time, but it will be OUTSIDE. He's up to 30 minutes of hand walking a day (thank you, Papa!!) and apparently is just doing great. He's fat and fuzzy, happy, and has been a model patient... besides driving my dad crazy trying to eat leaves off of every branch they pass by! He's also started the process of getting weaned off his wraps (which he's had on continuously since July), which is going well so far. I might, if all goes perfectly, get to sit on him for a 5 minute tack walk when I come home over Thanksgiving. I don't want to get my hopes up, as it's still a long way to go with many hurdles to pass successfully between then and now, but how exciting would that be?? Keep it up, Ringo!!

(I miss Ringo so much! It's great to know he's doing well)


Jess said...

I absolutely know how you feel about KiKi!!! I will pray for you and her that it's not an OCD, as Jimmy and I are still in the healing process...But in the event that it is, I can definitely be a resource for you. I'm extremely well-versed on the subject!!! Best of luck, you'll both be in my thoughts and prayers :-)

Kate said...

Oh ponies, always making us worry. I hope that Kiki feels better soon. Don't be hard on yourself!

Kate said...

It seems like it's always something! Hope the vet visit on Friday brings definitive answers - at least then you'll know what you're dealing with.

Andrea said...

Aw man not the right hock! Why is it always the right hock! Me too.
- Love, Gogo

(Your horses need to stop mimicking my horse!!)

Beckz said...

Man you are having a run of really bad luck eh. Chin up and fingers crossed it's not too serious

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