Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Kentucky!!

I've made it to Kentucky!!

Traveling here was a totally surreal experience, as I seemed to meet WEG-bound people at every turn: in the security line, buying chips for the flight, and both my seat-mates on both flights were all headed to the games! It was easy to pick one another out, because everyone seemed to be radiating the same barely-contained excitement.

(WEG is everywhere!)

Then, when I got to Kentucky, It seems like there's WEG-related posters and signs everywhere you turn - the airport was literally wall-to-walled with posters of horses in every discipline imaginable. And then the 10 o'clock news had coverage of the day! Soo unreal!! Can't wait to get to the park tomorrow =)


1 comment:

Hurricanes12 said...

amen indeed!
keep the pictures coming, if i can't be there i can at least follow someone who is :)

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