Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Serious Upswing

Horses are so amazing, aren't they? I've been feeling really low about Kiki ever since the vet came out on Monday, and add that in with the craziness of coming back to school (which in my current mental state I've been bordering on finding more stressful than exciting, though I will say I think my classes are going to be awesome this quarter!) has made me not the happiest camper.

BUT, I got to do something very special yesterday that made everything, for a brief period of time, all better.

I got to RIDE!!!

(Isn't he the cutest???)

Not Kiki, of course, but my favorite school horse Stanley. It was my first time riding in over a month, and I felt oh so rusty, but it was indescribable how good it felt to be back in the saddle! I have a special love for Stanley because when he came back to Stanford my Freshman year he was very lame and broken and his future at the barn was unclear; I loved him from the first second I laid eyes on him (you would too; he's this 18hh giant with the biggest, most adorable jug head, big loppy ears, long lips that he loves to flap together when he's concentrating, and the sweetest eye ever), and so determined that I was going to do everything I could to get him to be able to stay. I took over his rehab program that summer, and we spent every day walking together, getting him a little stronger inch by inch. He's still pretty creaky, and certainly will never jump again, but he's been major injury-free from then on and has become a great low-level flat/dressage horse (and as he used to be Aaron Vale's Grand Prix/Derby horse, this is quite a display of his heart!!). I feel so proud that I was part of his story, which so far has had such a happy ending.

(The best view in the world)

He was a perfect gentleman yesterday, and even tolerated me trying to sit his massive trot (in my rustiness, I would call it more "flopping" than "sitting" ... but you've got to start somewhere, right?). It felt so good, for a second, to just lay aside all my worry and sadness about Kiki and focus on the joy that is being on top of a horse.

Then, yesterday afternoon, I got to go out to the Horse Park to watch some polo. I was supposed to play (!!!) but then a class changed so I had to leaver before my chukker. But still, it was so wonderful to be back with the ponies again, muddling my way through the mystery that is polo tack and enjoying being back in the super relaxed and happy atmosphere that is the Stanford Polo Club. It was the most spine tinglingly gorgeous afternoon at the Horse Park yesterday, too, which was the icing on the cake. I was pretty jealous of the people out cross country schooling, but just had to remind myself that my time will come.

(Oh hello, insanely gorgeous California weather - I've missed you!!)

(Possible storybook levels of beauty going on here)

In Ringo news, he had his ultrasound check up yesterday, and all is well!!! He's healing at a very normal, acceptable rate. There is still a lesion (because the original bad boy was sooo huge) but it's much smaller. He does have some swelling, though, so we (Pa, with my approval) have decided to keep the wrapping going a little longer, and to delay his turnout debut for another 6 weeks. He's happy in his stall and is doing 25 minutes of hand walking a day, which is keeping him quite relaxed and sane, so we've decided not to risk the turnout too soon and blow his progress. Very, very good news!! If only Kiki will have such a positive report on Friday. . .

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Nicku said...

I was at the horsepark on Sunday! It was a gorgeous day out! We're having some exceptional weather these days I feel like!

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