Thursday, September 30, 2010

WEG Day 1: Starry Eyed!!

So that was pretty awesome! I basically spent my first day at WEG walking around feeling like I needed to pinch myself to wake up from this super awesome dream I was having. The people (so many horse people!!), the vendors, the pavilions and buildings, the courses, and of course... the horses. The cool thing (which apparently is pretty unique for this games compared to other big championships) is that the warmups are all pretty open: you can walk right up to the rail and watch. We spent most of our lunch break chilling ringside and watching the most beautiful show jumpers school just a few feet away.

The eventing dressage today was also, of course, really cool. I thought the standard in general was pretty high, and yet there were also no real show stoppers. The two Americans today (Boyd and Buck) had a bit of a tough time, I thought, Boyd because his horse got so wound up by the crowds, and Buck because he just seemed to make a few more mistakes in his ride than usual. The Germans were impressive, but my personal favorite part of the day was watching Mark Todd. Talk about a childhood dream coming true!!

We also walked the course today, which is HUGE. Just massive. And soo technical. I've never walked a CCI*** course or the regular Rolex CCI**** course, so I don't have much point of reference, but from people I've talked to it sounds like it looks harder than normal. Bobby Costello said he had been talking to some of the riders and they'd said it was the biggest course they'd seen in years. Coming from some of the stalwarts of our team, this is saying something! Either way I'm sooo excited for Saturday; some of the fences are so insane looking that I can't really envision a horse jumping them, so I'm excited to watch some of the best horses in the world pop around like it's just another day at the office (which you know some of them will!).

In double bad news, I'm not only finding but impossible to upload photos (thank you, snail-speed Red Roof Inn WiFi) but am also getting SICK. HOWEVER, neither hell nor high water (and certainly not a little cold!!) is going to keep me from enjoying myself this weekend. I'll try to post photos again later =) Bring on Day 2!!

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