Monday, October 18, 2010

The Best Day!


This weekend I made the decision to start tack walking Kiki again. Since we never really found anything conclusive from the vet, and she just seemed so listless and unhappy in our hand walking, I thought that I could at least give this a try. If it made anything worse, I would almost take that as a blessing at this point because it could give us more information to keep making a diagnosis with (though of course, this was not the outcome I was hoping for!!).

Kiki was hilarious when I went to tack her up. I put her in the cross ties for her daily groom, and she was listless as ever with her head basically being held up by the ties and her ears lopped. When I pulled out the saddle and came towards her with it, though, her head shot up and she pricked her ears - I've never seen anything closer to a horse's face "lighting up" before in my life! She was so excited =) And so was I! I've tried so hard to stay positive about Kiki's injury that I've never really given myself a chance to process how much I've missed riding her: I've tried to tell myself that it wasn't that big of a deal, that I was getting to ride other horses and that was just as good. Getting back on, though, all the feelings of love and admiration I feel for this horse came rushing back to the point where I was almost overwhelmed. I've had a lot of good days so far this fall, but this one outstripped them far and away.

The best part? She seemed very sound! We only walked for about 10 minutes, and on a long rein as much as possible (though she did try to kill me several times which required a few quick regatherings of the reins), but she felt very even and sure. We'll see!


Kate said...

You have to love a horse that likes to work - so glad she seems to be doing better!

Amanda said...

I totally get just being glad to be back on their back! It is totally different when you love a horse, and love riding them! I had that same feeling a few weeks ago when I got to ride Zeke again, after almost 6 months of layup.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Awesome..I know the feeling of how good that feels! Go Kiki

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