Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Days for Mare-Bears

Ahh goodness, life is good.

It may or may not have starting raining this past weekend (signaling that winter is officially near/already upon us) and that may or may mean that EVERY RING AT STANFORD IS CLOSED (I mean srsly, guys: three outdoor rings that can't take a pittance of rain and an indoor with currently unusable footing? I'm actually not as upset about the latter because the footing WILL be good, but the non-all-weather outdoor arenas really mystify me), but that doesn't matter at all because I've gotten to ride Kiki!!!

(Oh hello western mane... yikes)

She's feeling pretty darn great, I must say. Of course, we've only been walking, but she's been getting calmer and calmer (I actually got on today and was able to rub my legs all over her without her having a total meltdown - YAY!! Back to how we were at the end of the summer in just 4 rides!) and has been feeling really steady in the bridle and loose in her body when I've picked up the reins. She still has moments of being very tense (but would she be Kiki if she didn't?) but overall I'm so very happy with her. Today we couldn't do anything but walk around on the roads around the barn, dodging construction equipment and painting crews as we went, and she was still soo fabulous. Meanwhile, I couldn't make myself stop smiling: the sun was shining, the leaves were changing (well, you know, for California), it was lovely crisp sweater weather, and I was sitting on my horse. It doesn't get much better than that!

And, despite the two month layoff, she still has a topline!

(Sexy mare.)

I'm trying to keep it light and breezy goal-wise, just taking it day by day. The only long term goal is to get her as happy and healthy as I can before I leave for England in January (at which point she'll go with Suzie, my riding instructor from home, for the winter). Let's go!


Hurricanes12 said...

you have very good taste in horses i must say, ringo is stunning, and kiki is gorgeous. she's a super pretty western mare. so pleased you're able to ride her again :)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Wow..Kiki is just beautiful! She is my dream coloring :)

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