Saturday, November 13, 2010


(Ringo and Pa out hand walking earlier this fall - thank you Mom and Pa SO MUCH for taking care of Ringo while I've been away, I wish so badly I could be there too!)

Back home in Massachusetts yesterday, Ringo had his 2 month check to see how his tendon was going. At the last check, the vet had said that it was likely that, if all went well this time, I could get clearance to maybe get on him and start taking him for mini tack walks in December. As I've now not ridden Ringo for over four months, you can imagine how excited I was at the prospect of getting to climb aboard again!!

Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. Ringo's leg is looking better and there has been definite progress from last time, but it's very slow-going. Dr. L believes that because the injury developed over such a long period, there is an unusual amount of scar tissue present that's mixed in with everything else and has to be broken up in addition to the actual healing of the lesion, which explains the slow progress. Hope is definitely not lost on a full recovery, but it's going to take longer than we'd thought. Ringo won't go under saddle until at least January, with of course the time until he returns to full work far, far beyond that.

Of course I'm thrilled that Ringo's injury is progressing, but I'm also very disappointed as this new timeline means I won't be able to ride him again before I leave for England, which means it may be almost an entire year (or more!!) from the time of his injury until I get to sit on him again. I'm trying to come back to the States over spring break and would hopefully be able to visit him then, but at this point that's more of a hope than an actual plan. I miss Ringo very much; I feel like we were only just getting to know each other when this injury took him away from me.

But enough of that heavy stuff. Today is my first ever polo match, and I'm that wonderful mix of nervous and thrilled and let-me-at-it excited that I usually only get to feel right before cross-country. Wish me luck!!

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