Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Few More Polo Pictures, and an Added Treat

Here are a few more photos from the match on Saturday - thank you Patrick! (and thank you Fallon for taking the photos from the original post!)

(Me n Junebug, ready for action)

(Up out of the tack, Kate!)

(In for the near side... I think I actually made this shot!)

(Ooh we've got some hooking going down between me and USC girl)

(Look! We're actually in a paired off line like we should be! Shocking!)

(Goooo Girlfriend!)

(Up out of the tack and ready... now go get that girl! Don't just watch her gallop away!)

And the big treat for the weekend? I GOT TO JUMP!! FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE AUGUST!! I warm up rode for the Stanford Equestrian Team home show on Sunday before polo and, though I thought I was only going to do a flat warmup, ended up being called up for jumping at the last minute. I got to ride Maui, who's a newer horse on the team that I'd never ridden before. He was AWESOME and took total care of me even though I was feeling super rusty - I've only even ridden in a jump saddle twice so far this autumn! Thanks, Maui =)

(Not too shabby - Good boy, Maui!!)

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