Monday, November 1, 2010

First Home IDA Show for Stanford!

(Stanley being THE BEST! And my position has gotten so much better, too!)

Well, I may have written a few weeks ago that the fundraising season was pretty much over for me, but now the show season has begun!! Could you guess which of the two I'm more excited for? =D

(Seriously, how can you not loooove this animal??)

We kicked things off this year with our first EVER IDA (Intercollegiate Dressage Association) home show at Stanford; we just formed a team last year, and so this was the first chance for us to step up and take a stab at hosting. The show did not run absolutely smoothly, but everyone on our team worked hard to fix the problems that there were as soon as they arose and did it with a smile: you can't ask for much more than that.

(I lent my boots out to a teammate and so got to spend most of the morning rocking this classic look)

(Stanley in carousel horse mode)

On the actual competition front, I think everyone did really well: for a lot of people on our team, it was their first time showing dressage, or at all!! So given that, there were some really good rides. One of our teams ended up winning (yay!!), and I think everyone placed pretty well.

I was competing as an individual in the 1st level (highest) division. I drew my favorite school horse, Stanley, who also happened to be wearing my very own dressage saddle for the day!! Score!! I've only shown in one IDA show before, a year ago at Cal Poly, but I'd had a good time and ended up winning my class then, and so the competitive side of me really wanted to make it two for two. I was last to go in my division, which had the advantage of getting to see Stanley go already, but the disadvantage that by the time I got to him he was a little tense and quite tired. Fortunately, Stanley and I are serious lovers and know each other very well (I brought him through his rehab program a few years ago and have been star-struck ever since), so that with the 10 minute warmup I was able to get him relaxed without wearing him down too badly.

(A little stiff in the arms, but at least Stan looks fab)

He was PERFECT in the ring, the best I've ever had him feel. He did get a little lost in our first leg yield, but that was my fault entirely, and then he stepped back a hair in the halt, but he did that in every test he did so I think it was a point where he legitimately didn't understand what he was being asked to do. His mediums were great, though, in trot and canter, and I was proud of the accuracy with which I rode (and which is not something I'm always famous for!). In the end, we were able to pull off the repeat win on a 67%, 4% higher than the second place rider and 10% ahead of 3rd- thank you, Stanley!!!

(Up the last centerline - Stan is such a star!)

Now things get serious, with another dressage show next weekend and our first polo match the weekend after that. Very excited!

(On to the next!)


Veronica Lodge said...

Congrats! Intercollegiate shows can be really fun, but there does tend to be some drama too. Glad you got past it to do so well.

Nicku said...

Nice job!!! He is a beautiful horse!

Jess said...

Congrats!!! What a great dude!!!!

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