Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last Call in California

Well, this is it - I'm down to my last 36 hours, give or take, in California. It's been a whirlwind quarter (of which only one 3 hour exam remains!!), with many moments that have left me shaking my head in wonder: sometimes at the seemingly unconquerable amounts of work and stress I had in my life, sometimes at my own recalcitrance and-- at times-- questionable decision-making skills, but much more often at the incomparable beauty of the universe and the incredible amount of love there is to be found in it. I'm feeling very bittersweet about leaving because, even though I'm nearly bursting at the seams to get going on the next adventure, I've got a lot of friends here in California that I'm going to miss very much.

(Definitely going to miss the polo ponies! Not to mention Webb, which may be super sketchy but has some of the most beautiful light at Stanny)

I don't have a lot to report on the horse front... I guess I should get used to that?? I still can't believe that I'm about to be separated from my horse, and probably competitive riding as a whole, for the next eight months. It will be the longest I've been away from the riding world... ever. I'm definitely planning to continue riding as much as I can, but it's certainly going to be a different experience!

(Ahh sets... still something I can't quite get over the novelty of)

I have gotten to spend a little time with the polo ponies, mostly on very early and California-frigid mornings. Tomorrow I'll get to play one last time, and then it'll be time to go home! Hopefully Kiki won't have gone totally feral in her 10 days in the field since I last saw her...

(Ponies! I'm going to miss Stanford Polo sooo much!)

(Like I said: Webb Ranch = beautiful. Especially if you get there before dawn!)

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