Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ringo and Kiki Update

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments on my photos from Warwick. I'm headed to Ascot this weekend so hopefully I'll have another chance to get some nice shots -- I'm planning on hanging out more exclusively in the saddling area this time, both to focus more on my favorite part-- getting as close as possible to the horses-- and to avoid witnessing anything like last weekend. (Here's hoping.)

(Kiki in her new digs in Aiken - thanks to Mike Robbins, Suzi's assistant trainer, for taking all of these photos)

Meanwhile, a few days ago my parents were able to connect my trainer who has Kiki and Ringo down in South Carolina (thanks to the time change, I've found it exceedingly difficult to be either awake or free at either of her two very narrow windows of availability, and so have had to rely on the 'rents on this one) and could pass the report along to me. The short version is that they're both doing great -- yay!!! Suzi was pleased with the condition they both came down in (though I'm sure she's already made them look like totally different animals -- really, no one keeps the horses looking better than she does) and with how well both of them have settled in.

(Beautiful Ledgefield Farm, Ringo and Kiki's home for the winter)

Kiki is, apparently, the star of the barn so far. Would you expect anything different?? =D She's just been doing basic w/t/c to get back into work, and so far has been totally sound and good to go. Excellent! Suzi had only taught me on her a few times this summer, and apparently she was very pleasantly surprised with how far she's come since then: much more accepting of the contact and leg and overall more relaxed and ready to go to work. I think a lot of this had to do with her getting a nice mental break on her time off, because when I started her back up after her layup she felt better than when I'd left her with no intervention on my part whatsoever: something that I need to keep in mind more often, as I'm usually always trying to squeeze in that extra ride whenever I can. They haven't jumped her yet (though Kiki has done some "extracurricular" jumping on her own - clearing out of her field on New Year's Eve when the neighbor's fireworks spooked her!) but should be starting soon if all goes well.

(This is a classic Kiki move - she'll see you approaching, briefly prick her ears, and then immediately start chewing on/trying to destroy whatever she can get her lips around because she knows it will get attention - what a naughty, clever little beast)

Ringo has been getting one tack walk and one hand walk a day and has been a total gentleman (good man). Suzi thinks he's looking good and has actually maintained a pretty good topline for a) already being a bit of a stick naturally and b) sitting around for five months. He's on track to get re-ultrasounded and hopefully start trotting in another month or so.

(Ringo enjoying his back window)

In BIG BIG news, I may get to ride on Friday!! I usually have commitments on Fridays but this week they were cancelled, so I'm trying to see if I can tag along for a polo lesson with the Oxford club. I might not be able to fit into my breeches (damn you, unbelievably delicious British candy!!) and I'm envisioning some serrriooouss rustiness, but I CAN'T WAIT.

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Kate said...

Aw yay, I love this update. Kiki and Ringo both look fab. I had to laugh at Kiki jumping out of her paddock. She must be eager to get back to jumping.

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