Saturday, February 5, 2011

Horseless Weekend

It was pretty sad to wake up this morning and realize that I wasn't going to the track: my Saturday excursions have become one of my favorite little escapes from the otherwise fairly intense program I'm in at Oxford, both as a chance to watch some beautiful horses (and, more recently, to get into the thrill of watching the races!!) and as an opportunity to work on my sports photography and my understanding of my camera's little quirks. Eventing season is only a few months away, after all... And if I can't participate in it, I might as well do a good job watching and photographing other people!!

But, at the same time, it was pretty hard to complain: I was on a two day trip funded by my overseas program to Canterbury and Dover that included tours of Hampton Court Palace, Canterbury Cathedral, and Dover Castle, as well as a nice dinner and an overnight stay in Canterbury-- all for free, due to the kind donation of the Bing family (who also are the main benefactors of all Stanford abroad programs -- thank you, Bings!!). It was a bit cold and blustery - apparently winds topped 45 mph on top of Dover Castle while we were there - and we had the rudest tour guide I've ever met in my life at Canterbury Cathedral, but other than that it was a great experience.

(A cool day at Hampton Court Palace)

(Why I'm going to be too fat to ride by the time I get back to the US... British candy = heaven)

(Canterbury Cathedral, before our crazy tour guide showed up and made everything rullll stressful)


(My hair getting blown straight back in a 45 mph wind on top of the Guard Tower at Dover)

And, I get to play polo again on Tuesday!! Something I'm most definitely looking forward to, as the past week (outside of the trip) has definitely been one of the more stressful of the program so far, and so I'll be happy to get out and get a little pony-time to unwind a bit =)

(My one horse spotting of the week, through the window of the coach at a stoplight - what a cute little beast)


Kate said...

Regarding British candy, I totally feel you on that one. Boy do I miss it. If you haven't tried a Crunchie yet, do it :D they are so yummy.

Dressager said...

That first picture of the gardens makes me want to go to the UK even more!!!!

Alessandra said...

ahahaha...the picture of your hair is very very funny: you look like an animated cartoon!

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