Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Just as I'd feared, this week has ended up being totally insane from a work perspective: 10 page paper on Tuesday, 4 page paper today, and then trying to prepare a few hundred pages of reading (except really) in preparation for the THREE ten page papers I have to write over the weekend. Geez. The weird thing is that since all of my classes only meet so rarely, I only actually have 4 class meetings a week, so I don't actually feel like I'm... going to school. It's sort of like finals week, where you have no classes but have to spend every waking hour in the library, except all the time. I've spent 24 hours in the library over the past three days (how tragic is that??) with a prospect of a lot more to come over the next few days.

SO, it was even more delightful when I got to take a little break yesterday to play some polo! It was, for one of the first times so far this winter, both sunny and fairly warm (I only had one coat on!). I got to ride my good pal Number 1 again, who, besides being incredibly lazy, was a good boy. I felt a bit floppier than usual (probably going to be a continuing trend with the minimal amount of riding I've been getting and will continue to get - arrrghhh) but still had an amazing, amazing time. Literally, I couldn't stop smiling at the end - I couldn't imagine a better possible way to take a study break =)

Its hard to believe that in just five weeks, I'll get to see my own ponies again. Starting to get really excited!!

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