Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ringo on Youtube!

I'm probably one of the least computer savvy people I know - when I took Intro to Computer Science at Stanford, a class that pretty much everyone takes and whose first class is literally identifying parts of the computer like "monitor" and "keyboard," I was part of the 'elite' 5% of the class who didn't get an A. Embarrassing.

So, when I finally (as in, nine months after the fact!) figured out how to post videos to Youtube, it was a HUGE success. Here is a video from my first Third Level test with Ringo from the Woodside dressage show last May. Many many thanks to the Hulme family for taping me!! As I was watching it last night before uploading it, it was making me seriously itchy to get to ride Ringo again. I can't believe, except for that one walk around the field before he left for Suzi's, that next time I'll get on him it will have been nine and a half months since our last ride! Apparently he's doing really well in Aiken, and so hopefully I can do a little walking and trotting with him while I'm down there. Can. Not. Wait. =)

It's very fun to look at it and remember what I need to work on (being more tactful with my aids to smooth out transitions, carrying my hands better (!!), preparing for the changes, and being more accurate are just a few of the many, many, things to work on!) and to dream about what may lie down the road ahead (hopefully even bigger and better things than this, though even if I just get to walk trot and canter with him comfortably again I'll be a happy girl). Also, what a good boy!!


1 comment:

Checkmark115 said...

Beautiful test :)
I am just now getting my horse seriously into flying changes and half pass/side pass so I can appreciate Ringo's knowledge. He looks great!

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