Monday, March 7, 2011

First Four Miler Complete

I did my first four miler since high school today! I was feeling pretty tired from yesterday (I haven't in general been running on back to back days) but since I'm hoping to do a four day a week training schedule I decided I better bite the bullet early and start getting used to some continuous workout days. Despite feeling pretty flat for most of the run, it went very enjoyably - the sun was out again and the weather was simply perfect: sunny but still cool with just a hint of breeze. The crocuses are out and about and it's pretty impossible to not feel lucky to be alive when I'm surrounded by so much beauty. Plus, by the end I'd hit a great rhythm and, though I was tired, felt like I could have kept going. Win!

The best part, though? In NINE days, I'll be running (and even more excitingly, RIDING) on red clay roads in AIKEN!!!

(Less than two weeks. Can. Not. Wait.)

1 comment:

Dom said...

Kudos to you *shudder* I'd rather jump off a bridge!

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