Sunday, March 6, 2011

Marathon Training Officially Begins!

Yesterday marked the official 16 week countdown to the marathon. Eeeeee! That meant that my run today (a breezy three-miler through University Park in some of the best weather we've had so far this year) was my first real "training" run. Shuffling around 3 miles still feels prettttyyy far from being able to do 26.2 in just four months, but it's a start!

Today was also the first day that my name showed up on the official entry list - a great reminder to keep committed!

(There I am second from the top! I'm already loving my entry number (151) - a good omen for sure)

This week I'm hoping to do three more runs: one 4 mile, one 3 mile, and one 5 mile. The four and five milers will be new frontiers of distance for me since high school and so are a bit intimidating. I've been feeling very good in the 3o-35 minute range, though, so am tentatively confident that I can push through. Here's to more of this mid-60s, sunny, and delightfully breezy weather as the week goes on!

On a horsey note, I've been watching the CSIO show jumping coverage from Wellington that they've been streaming on USEF Network, and it's been AWESOME. The coverage is free and the streaming is well done, so if you have a chance, tune in for the $150,000 Grand Prix tonight. Watching has been making me squirm over not being around a horse of my own, but in the best possible "my-god-how-are-horses-so-amazing???!!!" kind of way. Plus, in just TEN DAYS (!!!!!) I'll be headed to Aiken myself. Let the countdown begin!


Megan said...

hey i ran my first marathon in 2005, skipped out on a lot of the training runs, had to walk a bunch in the race, swore i would never put myself through that again, and yet i have kept running 1/2s and now have at least 3 or 4 more marathons scheduled in the future! its addicting! you will soon be part of club 26.2

MARGIE said...

Ran my first in marathon in 2008. I was very careful to not skip training runs- maybe I skipped a couple- but never a long run. I wish I had cross trained more. But I was very happy with my race. Good luck! you are inspiring me to start training for my next marathon. Thank you!

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