Saturday, March 26, 2011

Unexpected 9-Miler: Complete!

So yesterday dawned cool and breezy, mid-60s with nice blue skies. I dropped Pa off at the airport and had a few hours before I was due at Suzi's, so I decided it would be a perfect day for my long run of the week. I was due for my first 7-miler in four years, and I was pleasantly excited (and a little nervous!). Using the My Maps feature on Google, I mapped out an innocent-looking route near Suzi's house, then changed into my running clothes and set off.

But goodness! What a NOT innocent run that turned out to be!! A 1.5 mile hill at mile 4 and getting horribly lost at mile 6 required me to backtrack for 20 minutes, sneak through the middle of a trailer park compound, scramble over a five-bar gate, and bushwack through the woods briefly before getting back onto a recognizable road, only to discover that I was still very very far away from home! I had to walk for about 10 minutes down a steep hill, but other than that I ran the whole way back to my car. It took me two hours, and I'm not sure I've ever been more physically exhausted in my life when I was done.

I got back in the car (after sitting dazedly in its shadow, chugging water, for a few minutes), zeroed the odometer, and set off to see what I'd done. 8.9 miles !!! later I got back to my starting point. Oh hello, 1/3 of a marathon!! I'm pretty proud of myself for digging through. I just need to keep that mentality going in 13 weeks time when I hit Mile 20!

Meanwhile, the ponies have been going well. Kiki had a tough lesson today, doing the same exercises I last wrote about but to the left, her harder direction, and with the addition of canter poles which made everything much more potentially exciting. It was definitely more of a struggle, but she tried hard and had some excellent moments. Ringo had his first moment of bad behavior yet, leaping up in the air briefly (and hilariously!!) when I stood too close to a jump that another horse was jumping before going back to being perfect again. Hopefully that means he's feeing good =)

I'm taking Kiki to a little show tomorrow to do a dressage test, which should be good fun. Here's to a happy and relaxed pony come tomorrow morning!

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