Friday, April 8, 2011

Goodbye Aiken

Well, it's hard to believe, but my time in Aiken has come to a close. The time has flown by and I've had a wonderful time. It was incredible how good it felt to be back with the horses, and finally admit to myself how much I'd been missing them. I definitely got a little teary when I had to leave them a few minutes ago! But fortunately they're in great hands. And two and half months isn't that long... right?

I've got a few more things to write about (new conformation shots! Ringo's ultrasound recheck!) but that will have to wait for amore quiet moment. For now, it's a race to inhale one last amazing sandwich from New Moon Café (my favorite place in Aiken for 8 years running) and then head down to Hilton Head, SC, where I'll be meeting up with my parents at a wedding before driving home.

Thank you so much, Aiken - it's been wonderful!!

1 comment:

Dom said...

That was fast!

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