Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Dream Deferred

So as I've been hinting on and off over the past month or so, I've really been struggling with some pain in my right foot and leg. My foot bothered me a little after my first fourteen miler, but I was too exhilarated with what I had just done to take much notice of it. Over the next week, however, it became progressively more painful earlier and earlier in each run I took, and when I tried to run twelve miles at the end of the week it got worse and worse until it became too excruciatingly painful too continue at around mile 10.

(The current bane of my existence)
Over the next few weeks I pulled my hair out trying everything to make it better, resting, icing, elevating, taking NSAIDs, getting new inserts for my shoes, getting chiropractic/massage done and going to the pool to try to keep my fitness alive in the meantime. Nothing worked. Even as I type this, sitting in bed, there's a small, dull, thudding pain on the bottom of my foot. It never goes fully away, and if I try to run on it it immediately becomes unbearable. The pool was going well, but a few days ago my foot started to bother me even while swimming. I decided to grit my teeth and head to the doctor to make sure nothing was seriously wrong.

(the weirdly quaint clinic the Stanford program uses, which my camera decided to capture in a greenish pallor - fitting, given my feelings/fears about doctors offices)

Well, I didn't have a particularly productive trip to the doctor (she spent most of the time trying to write me a prescription for a £55 three month fungicide treatment for my ugly toenails that I absolutely did NOT ask for while admitting that the course was both grueling and not particularly effective), but she did admit that I had large amounts of filling in places that would suggest a pulled or even partially torn tendon over the top of my foot. Since she didn't even examine the bottom of my foot (like I said, not super productive), I'm assuming that there's some similar stuff going on there. So, there are some actual issues. My foot probably isn't going to shrivel up and fall off, but it's not very responsible (or helpful) to keep trying to train when it's been consistently painful for over four weeks now.

So, I've had to delay my marathon dreams temporarily. I refuse to say that I'm canceling them, because I'm not. I'm still training for a marathon and I'm still going to run one. It just isn't going to be the one I originally planned. I've requested to move into the half-marathon division at the Midnight Sun, which I think is still a doable goal even if I give myself a total rest period over the next week to try to jumpstart some healing. The dream is deferred, but it certainly has not diminished at all. If anything, I'm even more hungry to do one than ever before!


Suzanne said...

Kate... I severely sprained my ankle back in December. I am sure there is much tendon/ligament damage which can not be repaired. Anyway, I use the back on track ankle brace at night... it has done a world of good in making my ankle usable again. You might want to try it.

Dom said...

What a bummer :( Hope it heals quickly and stops bugging you.

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