Monday, May 9, 2011

King Oak, Cantering, and Crawling

Kiki is such a champ!! Yesterday was her first outing of the year, going Novice at King Oak under the expert guidance of Suzi Gornall. Pa drove out to watch them and reported that they looked fantastic! They had a good test to score a 28 in the dressage (good girl Piggy), then jumped two super clear rounds (barring a single time penalty in the super twisty show jumping) to finish something like 5th or 6th overall. Apparently the course was pretty straightforward but did include a fairly sizable ditch in the woods combined with a little rolltop and a twisty canter through the water. Kiki, being the cross-country MACHINE that she is, took it all in fine stride. Star!! I soooo wish I could have been the one riding her, but feel so good to know that she's in such good care. She'll now go Training at GMHA in a month and then it will be just a few short weeks until I can get my paws on her again! Goooo Piggy!

(The flying Piggy is back! Thank you Pa for the excellent photos)

(Look at that hind leg step! What a fancy girl)


(Too. Cute. As in I actually can't handle it.)

In great news, Ringo has also started cantering!!! According to Suzi all is still going smoothly, though he has had a few unplanned days off as she's shifted her operations home to Massachusetts for the summer. Fingers crossed all will continue to go well; I had a dream a few days ago where I was riding him at Rolex (hahahahaha) and despite the utter lunacy of such a notion, it definitely reminded me of how much I miss him. The best part is that now that he's started cantering he can safely move into a slightly larger turnout, which I know he'll enjoy.

(Ringo getting ready to move back to Massachusetts, courtesy of Suzi's son Jamie)

On my training front, I've been slowed down by what has become a rather nasty case of plantar fasciitis, which basically means that the entire sole/heel area of my right foot is excruciatingly painful to walk on, let along run 16+ miles continuously on. Not to be deterred, I googled the nearest pool, grabbed my tatty old polka-dotted bathing suit, and hit the water for some cross-training.

I can't even remember the last time I swam in a pool, or actually did more than just float around in the water for that matter, but it has to have been at least since before high school (7+ years). I felt pretty rusty and was by far the slowest person there (minus the two ladies who were learning to swim... but even then I think they could have taken me if they'd tried), but still had a great time. I swam for 3 hours and (hopefully) got the equivalent of my 16 mile run for the week out of the way (I certainly was exhausted enough by the end to believe that it was equivalent!). Though man, 3 hours of backwards crawl with your ears underwater (and so basically taking in no sound) definitely feels like a long time! There's only so many old dressage tests and cross country courses I can ride through before I think I'm going to die of boredom. It made me appreciate how much more stimulating running is!!

My foot is still bothering me, but it's been feeling better. I've got some new orthotics for my shoes on the way and, with them, hope to start running again by the end of the week. Until then, it's more pool time for me!!


Andrea said...

She got a 28 and she was 5th or 6th??? Holy competition Batman!!!

Dom said...

Great photos!

Suzanne said...

Suuuuuu weeeeet! I'm just sad that they ran on Sunday instead of Saturday when I could have cheered them on!

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