Monday, May 16, 2011

Piggy Photos!

First off, I'm sorry the blog has been such a ghost town of late. I haven't actually died, but rather have been so incredibly busy with work that it's reaching 'this must surely be a cruel joke' status. It turns out that writing 20 pages of originally researched material every single week (split between two completely disparate topics) actually takes a fair bit of doing! I'm now half way done with my art history tutorial and will be halfway done with my world war II tutorial as of Wednesday (if I can manage to read six books between now and then... and you think I'm joking).

I've been hitting some snags with my running due to the persistent nag in my right foot, but have been hitting up the gym. It's weird to realize that on Wednesday, it will have been two weeks since I ran over 5 miles outside - not a great feeling going into a marathon! But I know that I'm still getting prepared, and that that block is more mental than physical. Hopefully I can resolve my foot pain and hit the roads again soon for the last few big runs of the training program!

In the meantime, here are some ADORABLE pictures of Suzi and Kiki from King Oak, courtesy of Hoofpix Photography:

Just less than six weeks until I'll have her back!!

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