Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bromont Nostalgia

I've been both miserably sick and swamped with work over the last few days, which has meant that I've literally been lying in bed with the blinds drawn, semi-napping to try to conserve energy and then making very small pushes on work before I have to rest again. I think I'm just exhausted from the stress of the end of the year, but unfortunately the first thing that always goes for me when I'm under pressure is the ability to sleep well (or at all), so I probably won't be feeling better until all is said and done. But, since I finished a paper this morning, that end is very very close!!! I just have one 2500 word essay left (and a 200 page book to read in order to write said paper) and I will have officially finished my junior year of college. I can do it! But it's going to be a long weekend at this rate.

Anyway, one of my prime forms of procrastination in this otherwise study-heavy time has been following every single scrap of Bromont coverage I can get my hands on. I love Bromont, and it definitely has a special place in my heart as it was my first ever three day event and was the event that, when I got around, meant I got to go to Young Riders. I wouldn't say it was my best ever performance (we did get 35 times penalties, after all!), but it was good enough. I'll never forget the feeling I had when I came through the finish flags in stadium and realized that I was going to Young Riders: blown away, thrilled, and most of all so thankful for Dually, the amazing horse that got me there.

I thought, in honor of the weekend, I'd post some photos (a few of them never before seen, I believe) from our trip up in 2007. We lost two of the rolls of film, so I only have a handful of pictures from the event, but looking back on these never fails to make me smile. What a good boy!!

(First jog outfit - the "Middlesex" outfit - I had just graduated from high school four days earlier (I actually had to miss a bunch of graduation parties to go... not that I cared in the slightest!!) and so I wore my graduation dress and my school hat)

(Hacking the day before dressage - I swear to god, I sat a little better then than this picture indicates, and certainly sit a lot better now!)

(All spiffed up and ready for dressage! I had hairnet woes (story of my life) and so ended up having to wear a ghetto blonde one that I found in the bottom of my trunk... but we rocked it)

(Aww looking so fancy... who'd have thought that I barely made it into the ring because he spooked so badly at the banners leading into the arena that I almost got spun off and ultimately needed a lead past them! The Dude likes to keep it interesting)

(Walking the course, slightly impressed with the 'little' corner coming out of the last water)

(waiting to go in the start box! The woman in the black shirt is Suzi)

(Over the first! To say I was a litttttle nervous at this point would be an understatement)

(Jumping said 'little' corner from above... from a trot! The Dude never fails to impress)

(We did it! The best feeling int he world!)

(Getting ready for Sunday jogs - wearing an outfit which, thanks to my preppy upbringing, was literally something that I wore to class on a regular basis - oh, sometimes I miss the days where if you pulled some bright pastels out of your closet in any combination whatsoever, you were well dressed for the day... haha, jokes.)

(Passing with flying colors! We didn't get any pictures of stadium, which is probably for the best because the Dude chunked the very first jumped out of the cups and kept up the trend from there. Oh well! We qualified, and we had done it!)

In just a week, it will be cross country day at Luhmuhlen! And in 15 days, I'LL BE HOME!!! Definitely things to keep motivated for =D


Veronica Lodge said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

Checkmark115 said...

you look so little! :P

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