Saturday, June 25, 2011

Did It!!!!

I did it!! And it was so fun!! We had to wait around all day for my race (it didn't start until 10:30 at night!) but it was so worth it because the race was peaceful, enjoyable, and unspeakably beautiful. The course wrapped around the backside of the island and had these absolutely incredible views of the fjord, all lit by the soft light of the midnight sun. The water was glass smooth and reflected the mountains and the clouds, and everything was wrapped in a purplish-blue atmospheric haze. I wish the race could have gone on and on so I could have kept gawking!

(Caught mid-stretch)

In general I felt really good. Cardiovascularly, I felt super fit and wasn't winded even at the end. My legs did get pretty tired starting at around mile 7, which I think was a symptom of having to do so many pool workouts in the heaviest part of training (I could keep up my wind but it's really hard to work your legs in the way they'll be stressed for running in a pool), which limited my speed, but I finished feeling relatively fresh if a little stiff and dead-legged. I had a good kick at the end and finished strong, picking off about 15 people in the last kilometer. I came in just under 2 and a half hours, which was my goal time given the training I'd lost through the injury.

I'm so thrilled! This was something that I set my mind to and assiduously worked for four months to achieve. I had a few missteps along the way, and didn't make it to my ultimate goal of running a full marathon, but seeing as I hadn't actually run more than four miles outside in over five weeks as of my birthday at the beginning of June because of my foot problems, getting to the half-marathon still exceeded my expectations by a lot.

(Pa ran the 2.6 mile 'mini-marthon' - those little kids were his biggest competition)

I ran the entire way, only having to stop for a bathroom break and walking a few steps at each water station (because I'm way too spastic to drink and run at the same time!). So happy! Bring on the full marathon in September!

(The view out our hotel room at 2am - so crazy!)


Sambaz said...
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Sambaz said...
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Sambaz said...

O.k I think I've finally got this thing to work! I've been following your blog for a while now & I really enjoy reading about your exciting life.
Despite our diferences (I live in Australia & at 37 I've got a fair few years on you!)we have a lot in common. I ran my first marathon last weekend & I will be riding in my first 1* event next weekend.
I'm recovering well from the marathon & very nervous about the event.

Katherine Erickson said...

Excellent - I'm glad you're enjoying reading and good luck at your 1*!!! You'll do great =)

Checkmark115 said...

wait, where were you that it was light till 2 am? Only place I know of is Alaska!

Katherine Erickson said...

I was in Norway, 350km inside the arctic circle - I've been to Alaska before but never as far north as the actual midnight sun/arctic circle territory (I was in the islands in southern AK, which are pretty much like British Columbia in climate etc, but the sun was still up until after midnight and rose at 3am while I was there!) It was really weird but super cool! I've always wanted to see the midnight sun =)

jenj said...

Congrads!!! That's fantastic!

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