Friday, June 10, 2011

Dream Fulfilled

When I was little (and I'm talking 3 years old) and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I never hesitated in my answer: I wanted to be a writer. (Well, there was a brief period where I wanted to be President because that meant I would get to wear nice suits, and an even briefer period where I wanted to be a hermit because I could have a sweet shack up in the mountains and commune with nature... but let's stick to the big picture). I was pretty sure my first story, 'Lily the Therd,' a two page novella arduously typed out letter by letter on my parent's computer and based on my cat Lily becoming a princess, was going to be my ticket to worldwide acclaim. When that didn't work, I quickly followed that up with a pretty much nonstop string of story-writing that took me all the way through high school.

I even wrote a full-length novel in 8th grade, a Redwall-style anthropomorphic medieval fantasy (huge mouthful genre FTW) about a dog who discovers that he is in fact a long lost prince and has to go on a quest to regain the throne from his corrupt uncle, that we sent around to about fifteen publishing houses. It came with hand-drawn maps, was 273 pages long, had taken me three years to write, and was officially the thing I was most proud of on this entire planet. It got roundly rejected, but I didn't care because I was on my way.

Well, it may now be 8 long years after that first attempt at publication, but it's finally happened. This month, I got an article of my authorship published in a national magazine, complete with a front cover billing and a selection of my own photographs to go along. What a dream come true!! Thank you again to Emily Daily from the USEA for making this happen for me; the whole experience has been the fulfillment of a huge number of long-standing dreams. I'll be writing another article for Luhmuhlen, so if you subscribe to Eventing USA, keep an eye for it!

(I'm an 'equine journalist'!! Who'd have believed? =D)

(That's me!!!)


Beckz said...

That's sooo cool!

Dressager said...

Yay!!!! I have three stories I've been messing around with since 6th grade (I wouldn't dream of getting them published). I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Veronica Lodge said...

Congrats!! I am also an inspiring writer...glad to hear of your success.

Dom said...

Congrats! That's awesome :)

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