Thursday, June 2, 2011

It Begins!

Today was an exciting day because Pa dropped my entry for my FIRST HORSE SHOW BACK in to the mail!!! Kiki and I will be heading up to Huntington, going Novice, on 17 July. I can't wait!!! It will have been 11 months since my last 'real' horse show (outside of collegiate team competition) on my own horse, and I couldn't be more excited. At last, the horsey drought is coming to an end... We're also planning on going up to GMHA Dressage Days the weekend after that, which will be Ringo's first show in over a year!! While we're at it, here's my tentative competition schedule for the rest of the season (not that I've been constantly dreaming about it/tweaking it for the past few months or anything...):

26 Jun - Home!

2-3 July - Buck Davidson Clinic @ Pirouette Farm (Kiki - "Rusty" division!)
15-17 July - Huntington (Kiki - N)
22-24 July - GMHA Dressage (Kiki - 1-1, 1-2; Ringo - 1-2, 1-3)
30-31 July - Stoneleigh (Kiki - T)

13-14 Aug - GMHA HT (Kiki - T)
25-28 Aug - Richland (Kiki - T)

16-18 Sep - Woodside Dressage (Ringo, Kiki)
23-25 Sep - Twin (Kiki - T)

7-9 Oct - Woodside (Kiki - T)
22-23 Oct - Ram Tap (Kiki - T)

3-6 Nov - Galway (Kiki - T3D)
12-13 Nov - Starr Vaughn Dressage (Ringo)

Yes, July is looking pretty crazy, but I think the ponies have been in a good enough program with Suzi that they'll be able to handle it, and I think it will be beneficial for me to not laze around in order to knock the rust off as quickly as possible.

Kiki is going Training this weekend with Suzi at GMHA, which will be a good indicator to see if she's on track for aiming for a T3D this fall. She hasn't had any soundness issues yet since coming back into work in November (touch wood!) so I'm hoping that this weekend will go smoothly and give her a good confidence boost for when she has to go back to dealing with me as a pilot instead of Suzi! I'd LOVE to do a T3D with her (I miss steeplechase!!!), but obviously plans are meant to be changed and I'd be happy to rearrange my year-end goals if it's not looking realistic, as long as I get to be back with my favorite sassy Piggy again!

The big thing to notice is that Ringo has not been penciled in for any events at the moment. I really don't want to get my hopes up about bringing him back to competition before I've assessed how he's feeling and going personally when I get back. He's now cantering again and is apparently doing well, but since I haven't cantered him in over 11 months now, it feels crazy to be thinking too far ahead to entering him at events again. If the summer goes really well, I would love to maybe bring him to Woodside (because it's so close to Stanny) or Galway (because it's my favorite event in CA) later on in the season, but I'm also really happy taking it slow this year, rebuilding our partnership, and looking to come back strong in 2012.

In just 24 days, I'll be back with them!! Not that I'm counting the days or anything =D


PonyNut said...

Sooo exciting for you!! I'll look for you on the west coast this fall :-)

Checkmark115 said...

wow jumping right back into it! I remember when I tried did not work out well.

Katherine Erickson said...

haha yes it's true; I've discovered that I can get so in my head that the best thing for me is to get out and start DOING it again. Plus I'm a little crazy over not competing at the moment, which certainly has not helped the urge to get back into it again as soon as possible =)

And PonyNut, I'm so excited to get back to the west coast! I love home, of course, but there are some things about Area VI that are pretty hard to top.

Kate said...

Very exciting! Sounds like you've got quite the summer ahead of you :)

Elena said...

We're shooting for te T3D at Galway too! Maybe we'll see you there:) although, we still need 3 more qualifiers and don't have many more options to get them cos my barn only goes to woodside and twin before then:(

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