Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last Long Run: Complete!

Well, as I wrote about a few weeks ago, my marathon goals didn't go quite according plan. I've been pretty bummed about it but have been trying to stay positive, even though up until fairly recently the possibility of even doing the half-marathon that I've bumped down to has seemed like a bit of a stretch.

(Perfect evening for a jog!)

Up until a week ago, I hadn't run outside further than 4 miles in nearly a month; I'd tried as hard as I could to keep up with my fitness at the pool, but it's just not the same and I was getting seriously worried.


Then, last Monday on my birthday, I set out on a run and it ended up feeling so fabulous that I extended it nearly 40 minutes longer than I had originally planned. I cruised for 7 miles along the river, and it was one of the best runs I'd had all quarter, let alone since my injury. Suddenly the half-marathon seemed doable again!

(Cows in Christchurch Meadow - swoon!)

(Oh Christchurch, you so beautiful)

This past week has been crazy and I've gotten quite sick, which has been a downer for training but I haven't let it knock me out yet. I went for a short real run and two swims last week, and then ran 10 miles yesterday - I had to walk probably 3/4 of a mile at mile 8, but other than that ran the whole way and felt pretty good about it.

(Sweet new bridges I found the further I ran down the river)

(Awesome graffiti!)

Unfortunately, I didn't do a good enough job hydrating myself (I hydrated for regular levels, not sickness levels) and I got some pretty terrible stomach cramps as I was walking back to the house that I just wasn't able to shake for the rest of the night. It was pretty crappy, but didn't take away from how happy I was to have gotten the run done. My foot hurt a little bit, but not unbearably and it never changed or got worse as the run went on, so I'm taking that as a win.

(Christchurch looking especially artZy in my unplanned, cramp-induced break I had to take on the way home)

I'm hoping to get out to the pool again tonight and tomorrow to try to take advantage of it before I head off to Germany and Finland in the last 10 days before the race. I'm in taper mode now, so hopefully in twelve days I'll be feeling fit, fresh, and ready to go! First step: I'd love to start feeling less sick. . .

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Kate said...

Good luck! Hope you're feeling better, spring sicknesses suck.

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