Saturday, July 23, 2011

GMHA Dressage Day 1: We're Back!!


Seriously, this horse is the coolest. I was so happy when I finished my test with him today, our first competitive outing together in over a year, that I almost cried. He was PERFECT, and if hadn't been for me forgetting my test halfway through and trotting at the wrong letter, we would have won our big and competitive class. We still ended up with a 67.8%, though, which I'm thrilled beyond thrilled with. Good man!!

Kiki was great too, though the first level test is a pretty big stretch for her at this point. I wanted to test her with the harder level to see how she would react to being pushed on a little further in the arena, even though I knew it meant we wouldn't be taking home any top prizes, and I was really pleased with how she reacted. She was rideable and sane throughout, and stayed forward without getting frantic. She's still unconfirmed in the contact, which pulled all of her scores down (and especially the transitions, which nearly all carried 2x coefficients in this particular test). She ended on a 58% in 1-1. Considering that she got a flat 60% at Training Level Test 1 just over a year ago, a 58% at 1-1 is still a pretty good step forward. She definitely has moments!! We just have to keep working on making those moments last longer and longer =)

Kiki is entered in 1-2 and Ringo in 1-2 and 1-3 tomorrow, but I think I'm going to scratch Ringo from the 1-2 (he was soooo good today, and I'm not sure I want to push him to do two rides in a day yet) and add Kiki into a 1-1 (she could use more ring time). I of course realized that I wanted to do this as we pulled into the parking lot for dinner, 35 minutes from the show grounds, and so wasn't able to request these changes tonight when they would have been more likely to go through, but we shall see! I'm feeling sooo lucky to get to be at a show with my dad and my two wonderful horses. Yay!


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Congrads on a great ride, and good luck with tomorrow!

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