Saturday, July 16, 2011

Huntington, Briefly

Kiki was great! I was not awful! No tears! Nobody melted in the heat or turned into lobsters in the sun! We even came home with a ribbon! Does it get much better than that?

I'll do a more complete update tomorrow when I have the energy to upload the pictures (we only have dressage, but I think there are some cute ones) and give a better description of the day. In brief, though, Kiki was super obedient in her dressage test to score a 33.5 and end up in the middle of the pack, was a BLAST cross country despite some questionable preparation to the fences at times by her jockey (whoops - rusty!), and then had one of the smoothest rounds we've ever had in the show jumping (and our first clear round in a USEA event together... EVER). We finished on our dressage score and moved up to 4th place. Super mare!

(we also sported our SEXY new ecogold saddle pad, shown here getting a good luck break in ride the Thursday before the event. I've wanted an ecogold pad for year and years and years, and so when they did a fundraiser for the True Prospect Farm fire a couple months ago, I decided it was time. I love it so much!!)

I'm off to bed because it's another BRIGHT AND VERY VERY EARLY morning tomorrow as I'm making the trek straight back to Huntington to spend the day scribing. I'm very excited as I've never scribed before, and am looking forward to learning and helping out at the same time. The two and a half hour drive and 7:30am call time, though... not so much. It will be worth it, though, because I'm very excited to do some volunteering at one of my favorite Area I events!

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Kate said...

Go Kiki, that sounds fantastic! Have fun scribing, and I can't wait to see pics

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