Friday, July 22, 2011

Ready, Set, MELT!

First of all, I wanted to write more formally to thank everyone for their wonderful support about Dually. He is a wonderful athlete and friend and your words really did help a lot with getting over the shock and sadness of learning that he is in pain. So thank you!! We'll get through this, one day at a time.

Now to the real post: IT'S SHOW TIME!! The trailer is (mostly) packed, Ringo and Kiki both got their first rounds of baths yesterday, and I've spent the past three days frantically trying to learn and practice my tests. Of course, we've been hit by a mega heat wave in Massachusetts, meaning that I've been slogging through preparations while sweat endlessly pours off my body, but I'm not complaining. It's supposed to be cooler in Vermont, hot weather means jackets will almost certainly be waived (no getting choked by my weirdly tight collar!!), and I GET TO SHOW RINGO!! Carlisle could be converted to the surface of the sun and I'd still be getting excited because I've waited such a long time for this weekend to come.

Of course, with that excitement comes a bucketful of anxiety. What if it's too soon? What if I'm pushing it and he reinjures himself? Have I prepared him enough? Has his rehab been thorough enough? What if I've bitten off more than is reasonable to do? GAHH SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION.

*Deep breaths.* I just have to remind myself that he's been cleared for all flatwork by my vet, he's been cantering/building to full work for nearly two months now, his leg feels as good and normal as it ever feels, and it has not changed in the slightest since I got him back from Suzi's. We are only showing 1st level, which in the long run is not a huge strain on the horse's body. I will be vigilant, super overprotective, and paranoid for any changes or unusual behavior. ...But I'm still worried!!!

We head up to GMHA at 4pm today. I'm not sure what access to technologies we'll have, but I'll try to give updates as regularly as I can. Dressage World, here we come!!

(Ringo and I after the dressage at our last Preliminary together)


jenj said...

Good luck!

Suzie said...

1. Huge bummer about Dually. I'm so sorry, especially with the luck you have been having lately in the tedon/ligament department.
2. You have inspired me to start to really consider campaigning Ed on the USDF circuit if he has a similar recovery as Ringo.
3. You are so fricken' brave trying to get a pinto and a grey show ready at the same show. I have been loving the fact that Yves does not have a spot of white on him after all the purple I went through on Ed's two, short socks! I can't even imagine what I would do in your position... except consider trying out for the Blue Man Group.

Katherine Erickson said...

Thanks, jenj!

Ooh Suzie definitely hink about going the dressage route! Eddie is so fancy, you guys could dominate. Plus, I could have a fellow non-DQ ally at the shows, haha. And on getting them clean... Let's just say the weekend hasn't even started yet and my hands are very pruny and purple. The only saving graces are that Ringo stays generally pretty clean and that Kiki isn't totally white... Yet. Not really sure how I'm going to manage it when she completely greys out, she's such pig!!!

Dressager said...

Try Ivory dish soap, the original kind. Works wonders on my fleabit!

AND OMG! Very excited to see how y'all do at the show!! Dressage is SO good for horse and rider, y'all will have a blast. They're great horses, and you are especially great for sticking it out with them.

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