Monday, August 15, 2011

Kim Lesson... with Videos!

Today I got to take refuge in the indoor from the CRAZY rain we've been getting and have a lesson with Kim on Ringo. He was amazing! It's cool to feel him get stronger and be able to sit and carry himself better. In our last lesson we had run through a lot of the movements from the different second level tests to see which one would suit Ringo the best (we settled on 2-3).

So this time around we went back to basics a bit and really focus on straightness and getting Ringo to sit a little bit more in the canter. Thanks to Pa's awesome videography, I have video evidence of how good he was! There's still lots and lots to work on (mostly with my position: wobbly core, chair seat, floating left elbow - ugh!) but I'm really happy with how he's looking.

Here's the tail end of our warmup, just starting to put him together a bit more in the canter:

After warming up, we did a "box" exercise, where I rode a box shape around the bottom end of the arena, focusing on making the deepest, squarest turns I could in every corner. Then, we went from there straight into shoulder in. What a difference! Getting control of his hindquarters in the square turn meant that I could go straight into the shoulder in, instead of muddling around the turn and then having to fight his shoulders over. Here's our shoulder in:

Sitting trot = fail. And as you can see, I definitely didn't get it right every time, sometimes resulting in some awkward first few steps of shoulder in. But when we did, it was pretty darn good.

Then, we moved on to the canter, continuing the box exercise and then making two square turns, going across the short diagonal into counter canter, doing two square turns in counter canter, and then heading back across the diagonal into true canter with a 10m circle along the way. Again, when I made the turns correctly, his canter became totally well-balanced and powerful. It felt almost like a whole new gait! Here's the canter in three parts:

He feels the best he ever has for me. I'm getting so nervous for the trip back to California (in just 10 days!!) because I'm worried that the trip will unhinge all the progress we've made. He's so happy at home right now and I'm worried about how he'll adjust to the (not worse, but quite different) lifestyle of the Red Barn. Ugh. We'll just have to make the transition as easy as possible for him!


Kelly said...

Sorry that this is a bit off topic, but that is an AWESOME indoor! Would you be willing to share the barn website? I'd love to stalk it more.

Ruffles said...

He's looking really nice :)

Katherine Erickson said...

Hi Kelly,

The indoor is pretty amazing, and makes me feel very spoiled as it's only a 10 minute hack down the road from my house! I'm not sure the farm has a website; it's on Curve st. in Carlisle, MA. I do know that the owner offers packages for people to come over and ride in it in the wintertime (making me dearly wish it had been built when I was younger, after having to brave many winters riding in the snow!). Are you in the area? If so I could give you her contact info.

Megan said...

Your horse looks pretty great. He seems to be going along really quiet and steady. Looking good!

Kate said...

That is an awesome indoor.

Ringo had some really great moments there. Yes, there were parts that weren't 100%, but if you both were perfect, where would the fun be? The counter canter looked especially good. Very balanced.

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