Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Richland Photos!

As I mentioned a few days ago, we did make one day-long detour in the road trip to go to Richland Park so Pa and I could spectate and I could take some pictures for the USEA. The ponies enjoyed the extra day of rest (though their paddocks at the horse hotel we were staying at were somewhat death defying and had me up all night worrying) and I really enjoyed being back in action. Richland is a beautiful place and, though I've only competed there once before, one of my favorite venues. Here's some of what I got:

(This was my second shot of the day, straight out of the camera without any editing - I should have quit here!)

(Kristin Schmolze out over the fat Richland froggy)

(Jennie Brannigan looking fierce on her way to 2nd place)

(I think this was my favorite 'drop into water' of the weekend...)

(...seconded only by this one)

(Buck Davidson, CIC*** winner!)

(Sooo neat and tidy)

(Big jump out of the coffin)

(One of my favorite mares, R-Star)

(Advanced winner Michael Pollard - better watch out or you'll bite that tongue right off!)

(Tamie Smith showing an unorthodox but highly athletic means of clearing of the brush out of the first water)

(Hannah Burnett made the Pan Am selection trial course look easy)

(Shannon Lilley and Ballingowan Pizazz - Pan Am selection trial winners!!)

(My friend Max from California on her horse Devon whose markings are eerily similar to Ringo's - originally Devon was Ringo's mini-twin, but now that he's going advanced he's considerably more badass than Ringo!)

Hopefully I'll get to do a little more work for the USEA over the fall. They are so nice to me and it's a wonderful excuse to do one of my favorite things - watching horses all day!


jenj said...

Fantastic pics, as always. Thanks for sharing!

Niamh said...

What are you shooting with these days? Camera + lens combo? I know you mentioned you switched things up a few months back.

ps. Love seeing R-Star running happily again. Love that mare!

Veronica Lodge said...

Thanks for sharing!

Dressager said...

Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

Gotta love the paints! I love seeing them tackle the upper levels. Once again, fantastic pics. Thanks for posting 'em!

Chris said...

Amazing photos!

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