Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well. I've had quite the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day! Ok, maybe I exaggerate a bit, but I definitely did walk out of the barn today wanting to tear my hair out.

After a good team dressage lesson this morning, I got on Ringo. We did our normal 15 minute walk and then headed into the ring to begin our planned stretchy ride. After the first few strides of trot, I immediately knew something was wrong. S*%T!! I jumped off at once and asked my friend to jog him out for me. Sure enough: dead. lame. Head bobbing. I felt my heart literally drop out of my body. I had been talking with a friend just over the weekend that you never know when your last ride with any given horse might be, and all of sudden I had a grim vision of this happening to me right then.

I brought him back into the barn and rechecked the legs that I though I'd deemed acceptable before I got on. Sure enough, everything still looked as tight and cool as normal. What could be wrong? And then I noticed a small cut on the inside of his left front ankle. It was so small and scabbed over looking that I could hardly believe that it was the source of the problem. When I prodded it, however, Ringo immediately whipped his hoof out of the way. Ah ha. I think we found the situation. I scrubbed, dressed, and wrapped the wound up, and set Ringo back in his stall for the day. Okay. Crisis 1 of the day: averted.

After a brief pause to go to class (wait what? school? I know, I'm surprised too), it was back to the barn again to ride Kiki. I've been feeling really at ends with Kiki over the past few days: she's been in heat, not happy with the weather change, and feeling pressure from the increase in work I've been trying to ask of her. Last night I just had a nightmare of the ride, and was determined to do something positive.

(Cute thing)

I decided to let her let out some extra energy in the round pen before I got on in hopes that she might be a little more relaxed and loose in her back from the beginning. She LOVED it and immediately took off squealing and bucking. She never really bucks or does anything in the round pen. Wahoo! I was just starting to pat myself on the back for hopefully getting the ride off on the right foot when, to my horror, she took an extra big buck, stumbled, and proceeded to completely wipe out, down on her side and everything. WHAT. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. She looked a little surprised for a second to be on the ground, then got up and set off again at a nice, bright, forward, sound trot. Okay. Perhaps not all was lost.

(a few minutes pre-fall)

I gathered her up and brought her back in to tack her up. As I was brushing her leg, I stopped. Her left knee was swollen to almost twice its normal size. S*%T!! Yet again, I grabbed a friend to jog her for me. Fortunately she seemed totally sound, so I decided to give the ride a try. I went out and did about 15 minutes of work but was so paranoid that I had to call it pretty quickly. We came back to the barn and the knee was still swollen. I cold hosed it, could not figure out a way to wrap it with the materials I had, and so just gave her some bute and put her away for the night.

I'm supposed to have a lesson tomorrow morning with Brian Sabo that I've ridiculously looking forward to. In classic form, it's looking very likely that I'll have two horses and nothing to ride. Sigh. Such is life.

(Also, I got pictures from the IDA show! Here's me on Saturday - I wish my position was a little more secure looking...)

(Good girl Olivia!)


Deered said...

This may sound a bit nuts, but get a pack of disposable nappies (I think you guys call them diapers - the things you put on babies bums). They make the most awesome ice packs that will go almost anywhere. I used to get small ice cubes and fill them with ice and iced water and then bandage them on for about 1 hr.
It sounds like she just gave herself a good knock - it's highly likely she'll be fine in a day or two.
We always used to have a pack of disposable nappies and the 'surf board' sanitary pads in the truck for equine first aid.

Ruffles said...

Oh Dear!! Sorry to read about Kiki and Ringo. I hope they are both back-on-track soon.

Alessandra said...

Nooooooo Both! I know exactly how did you feel walking out the stable! Its such a frustrating feeling...made worse when you don't know how they get their pains!!!!!
Let us know!!!!

jenj said...

Argh! How frustrating! Hopefully they'll both be right as rain in a day or two and none the worse for the wear. Still, what awful luck to have them both manage to damage themselves at the same time!

SprinklerBandit said...

Izzy did that once. I don't think she fell, but she whacked it on something and her knee swelled up massively. She stayed sound throughout and I kept riding her to try and convince everything to keep moving around. I think it went down after a week or two.

Not sure I'd want to ride in front of Brian Sabo with a massive knee, though. It definitely wasn't pretty.

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