Monday, November 14, 2011

I Heart Mondays

After the CRUSHING DISAPPOINTMENT that was the Stanford-Oregon football game this weekend, made bearable only by the fact that my dad was there to soften the blow for me, I needed some cheering up. The perfect cure? A little case of the Mondays. Monday gets such a bad rap, but it's one of my favorite days of the week this quarter. Why? Well, let's see:

5:30 - Wake Up

Ok, that might sound a little miserable to a lot of people, and it normally would for me too, but since Sunday is the one day of the week where I'm generally able to sleep in/nap in the afternoon, Monday is the only morning where waking up early doesn't seem so bad. I'm also a morning person so the earlier I can get feeling fresh and going the better the day seems.

6 - Move car back to the barn

I don't have permit parking this year, so I can only park my car on campus on the weekends when there's no ticketing. I may have to get up early on Monday mornings to move my car back to the barn where it lives during the week, but it's the only time all week that I get to drive to the barn with the heat blasting and not feel like my thumbs were going to get frostbite from gripping the handles of my bike on frosty mornings.

6:15 - first ride of the day

This is always my favorite ride of the day. It's still dark when I grab my horse (it's usually Kiki) and the sun only peaks in fully when I'm about half way through. It's crisp, cool, and unbelievably peaceful. I always have the arena completely to myself and the footing is always pristine and fresh dragged from the night before. Kiki is usually on her best behavior, and life is very, very good.

8 - Team Dressage lesson

This week I rode Dreamer, who is one of my favorite team horses but certainly not the easiest. The team lessons are very position oriented and I always feel like they get the week off on the right foot, with me thinking about being the most effective rider I can be.

9:30 - third ride of the day

Now it's Ringo's turn. By now the morning is cooking right along and I'm usually in a pretty good groove. We usually just do some stretching stuff today as I often work harder over the weekend, and then Tuesday is Ringo's day off, so I want to get him feeling as loose and supple as possible so he can make the most of his rest day.

10:45 - done! Feed, clean tack, and bike back to the dorm

I usually get back around 11 and have an hour to shower and then either take a nap, browse the Interwebz, or watch tv (or some combination of the above!). After getting so much done already, it's one of the few times all week that I feel totally guiltless in slacking off for a while.

12 noon - lunch

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

1pm - work/chill time

Usually I head to the library after lunch to get a start on the piles of reading that I have to do every week, though this week I'm actually ahead so I think I'll take the opportunity to catch up on lost sleep (a perennial favorite activity).

3:15 - class

I only have one class on Monday, and it's my favorite: photography. Mondays are almost always lab days, which means that we're given two and a half hours pretty much left to our own devices to work on our term projects in any way we see fit. I'm currently working on stuff like this:


6 - dinner

again: nom nom nom nom nom nom

7 - Equestrian Team meeting

We have our team meetings every Monday night at the barn. I realized one week this fall as I was biking over that this is probably the longest running single tradition that I've had in my four years at Stanford: class schedules, lesson times, and and my personal routines have all fluctuated and changed, but every single Monday night I find myself biking out to the barn for team meeting. There's something kind of comforting in that.

After that, it's studying/chilling until bed. What's not to love??


SprinklerBandit said...

What a most excellent game.

My condolences on the crushing defeat; my team had one too. :(

samihob said...

Come and post your interesting equine blog at Haynet an Equine Blogging Network We would love to see you there!

Kate said...

I wish my Mondays went like that....

Ruffles said...

I wish my Mondays were like that ... and Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thurs... you get the point.

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