Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Holy God, have these last two weeks been stressful. Things are definitely on the upward trend from the general misery that was last week, but... barely. I'm feeling pretty scattered and sat down about three times last night to write an organized, cogent, narrative description was what's been going on, to no avail. So, here's an overview. In the past week:

The Good

-I got to see Rachel yesterday!! A few other girls from the dressage team and I all headed up to visit her yesterday afternoon. She looked weak and recovering, but was still the same amazing Rachel =) By the sounds of it, hopefully she'll be able to start easing back into the barn at the New Year. Hooray!!-

-I finished up one of the four major assignments I have for the finals period and am quite close with another. Now, I have just one presentation/paper and one final between me and Christmerrss-

-I'm done with my Christmas shopping! Massive first-

-I sold my Devoucoux dressage saddle with an almost absurd rapidity-

-Ringo has been amazing, despite getting 6 days off between last Saturday and two days ago due to the general craziness of my life. I rode him in the double again for the first time in a few weeks yesterday and he felt really, really good. What a champ-

(Thanksgiving hack on Prowler... the best view in the world, made definitely better by the fact I was wearing a T shirt when I took this on Thanksgiving day - oh California, you're so good to me)

-I spoke to the folks that have Kiki to sell yesterday, and she's settled in well and is benefiting from a good professional tune up. But...-

(Kiki enjoying some last carrots before she left the Red Barn)

The Bad

-...saying goodbye to Kiki was still incredibly stressful and heartbreaking. Plus, it's not clear whether she will stay at Dayna's or come home with me over Christmas (they're assessing her for two weeks, and if they don't think they can sell her she'll come back to Mass to be sold as a jumper)-

(Good luck, Kiki! Be a good girl, PLEASE!!!)

-I got in a car accident yesterday literally 30 seconds after I'd cashed the check for selling my saddle. I was distracted--I kid you not, thinking about how I could best distribute the profits and maybe treat myself to a little something if there was leftover--and clipped a car in the parking lot, completely ripping off its front bumper. Well, there goes most of the saddle money right there. Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid stupid.-

(My truck, Billie Jean, showing off her good side - her already bad side (she has a dent in the front right bumper) is now made even significantly less classy by the white scrape along the entire back right half of her side paneling. Poor girl, having to put up with being driven by such a lackadaisical driver... grrrr)

-I had to pull one all-nighter and many very, very sleepless nights to get all my work done this week, which left me a pretty sad and drained panda come Thursday and Friday nights where, both nights, I passed out in my clothes with the lights on at 7pm. Cool kid life-

The Ugly... Well, let's say Strange

-I'm having 'boy problems' (can you still call them 'boys' when they're college seniors? They sure still seem like boys, anyway, given the maturity levels they often display) that are so absurd as to be neither good nor bad but just downright strange. As you might have gathered from this blog, I tend to like talking to horses more than I like talking to people, so I find these sorts of situations difficult at the best of times. Oh well.-

-I somehow pulled a muscle in my back during physical therapy this week (ironic?) and have been semi-crippled ever since. I won't call this a downright 'bad' because I'm hoping maybe I'm just really sore from all the strength building I did (??? ... sure)... but I'm still feeling pretty stiff. Whoops.-

Well, if you've made this far through this disconnected ramble, I salute you. Hopefully things will sort over the next few days as I hustle to try to make a little extra money to offset this stupid car accident (*&$#!), and as we know whether Kiki will be home for the holiday or staying in sunny California. Until then: ride it out.

(The Kiki solution to any life stresses: when in doubt, eat your weight in carrots. A good motto by all accounts)


Kate said...

Aww, I hope your nest few weeks are a bit better :(

Beckz said...

Kikis stress relief is perfect as long as I can substitute wine and chocolate for eating my weight in carrots. Sounds like you are hella busy!

Ruffles said...

Awwww hang in there things will start looking up soon.

L.Williams said...

I've been reading your blog for little over a month now and I (a: live in california and b: work at stanford so its fun reading whats going on at the red barn).

There are a couple trainers in NorCal who might be interested in Kiki. Try Dana Estes of Vineyard Eventing, Ann Byron of Byron Equestrian and you can talk to Andrea Barbee of Dreamland Stables up in Dixon. Andrea sells a lot of horses and it might be good to make a cost comparison of selling her here before shipping her back east.

Best of Luck and keep on blogging!

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