Monday, December 12, 2011

My favorite Horse Photos of 2011

If you've been following this blog over the past year, you know that I take a lot of pictures of horses. In fact, 'a lot' is an understatement. I took over 10,000 pictures of horses in my 6 months in England alone, and live for the days when I get to turn the lens toward my all-time favorite subjects.

But what isn't as obvious is the amount of time I spend looking at other people's pictures of horses, too. I'm always browsing for the best equine photographers and photographs I can find, both for inspiration and just for pure enjoyment. I have some definite idols (Nico Morgan, who I got to meet at Badminton this year, and Kat Netzler of the Chronicle are the first two that pop to mind) and I not only can't get enough of their pictures but also hope that if I look enough, my eye might some day end up as good as theirs =)

Generally, whenever I find a photograph on the internet that I like, I save it on my computer for later enjoyment/perusal. Now that the year has come to a close, I thought I would share some of my favorite finds from 2011. These photos come almost exclusively from The Chronicle of the Horse, Eventing Nation, and the great mystery of The Facebooks. Enjoy!

Crazy Athleticism
(aka: why horses are AWESOME)

(Nina Ligon and Fernhill Fearless showing some serious hops at the Jersey Fresh CCI*** - via Chronicle)

(Neville Bardos showing the incredible scope needed at the CCI**** level - via Eventing Nation)

(Jumping a car??! via Facebook)

(Jennie Brannigan and No Objection jump over 6' bareback - via Chronicle)

(A Grand Prix horse shows some extra enthusiasm during the CDI at Saugerties - via Chronicle)

(Athena is officially one of the coolest little horses on the planet - via Chronicle)

Special Moments
(aka: why a life with horses is the best life of all)

(Sapphire with her fans (ok, this is from 2010, sue me) - via Chronicle)

(Sinead Halpin crosses the finish line at her storybook Rolex debut - via facebook)

(Caroline Powell looks delighted with Lenamore after their test at Burghley - via Eventing Nation)

(18 year-old Lenamore completes another Burghley clear inside the time - just another day at the office for one of the best horses in eventing today - via Eventing Nation)

(Friend and fellow New Englander Kylie Lyman finally gets the recognition she deserves as one of the best up and coming riders in the US by winning the Fair Hill CCI** - via Chronicle)

(The Chronicle did a tribute to Kingston, who passed away this year, and this photo from the '04 olympic selection trials was by far my favorite - via Chronicle)

(Hickstead doing what he did best: winning - via Chronicle)

(Cold, wet, rainy, and triumphant: the victory parade at Burghley, the competition I would love to complete far more than any other - via Eventing Nation)

(Clark Montgomery looks proud but reflective after winning the 2011 Bromont CCI*** - via Chronicle)

(Boyd lives the eventer's dream: hacking in front of Burghley House at one of the biggest equine competitions in the world with his country's flag on his arm - via Boyd's blog)

(Toytown retires - via Facebook)

(Texting and riding: why not?? - via Eventing Nation)

(Winning the World Cup IN STYLE - via Chronicle)

Here's to a 2012 with many more pictures and moments with horses!


Deered said...

Lenamore is so cute isn't he? You've got to feel for Zara Philips, first she had her top horse retire, then she had to fly to NZ to sort out her misbehaving husband at the Rugby World Cup,then fly back to compete a few days later. Then because she is the grand daughter of the Queen she gets to do it all under intense scrutiny.

Suzie said...

Looking at what pictures you value reminds me of what an awesome person you are. We need seriously hang out in 2012. I'm not talking just at the IDA competitions either.

Ruffles said...

I LOVE these pics! I can' decide which is my favorite;they are all cool.

Kate said...

The picture of Zara and Toytown is beautiful; so much emotion! Some absolutely fantastic pictures... they dredge up some fun memories :)

Beckz said...

Deered, Zara dropped a huge amount of coin on a very nice horse while she was over here so it wasn't all bad. Stunning horse too, I'm excited to see what she can do with him.

Katherine Erickson said...

thanks all!

Suzie, YES, definitely more seeing each other in 2012 is necessary =)

Deered, I did ponder briefly leaving the picture of Zara off because I do feel bad for the ridiculous level of scrutiny she's constantly under (I remember picking up just a normal, non-horsey paper while I was living in the UK and seeing a picture of her falling off on the front page - not the sort of thing I'd like to have broadcasted to an entire country if the same thing happened to me!), but it really is the most moving of them all for me, so I had to include it.

It will be interesting to see her new horse out and about (knowing the way things go, they will get LOTS AND LOTS of coverage!).

Alessandra said...

The coolest for me is the picture of jumping a car! I already heard about this kind of jump, but I never see one of it, neither in videos or pictures. And it seems to me very impossible and crazy....and if the horse doesn't make a right jump??? =)

Jess Conran said...

Love the photos! I know what you mean about the abundance of photos you take - I am the same!

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