Monday, December 19, 2011

The Trip So Far

Greetings from Amarillo! This will be brief as we have a very early morning tomorrow, but the trip back home so far is going very well (especially given its totally last minute nature!). The big thing is that we've been experiencing some crazy weather, and in fact are getting up extra early tomorrow to try to outrun the BLIZZARD that's supposed to sweep through northeast New Mexico and into the Amarillo area tomorrow. Yikes! Here's some of the crazy (and beautiful!) weather we've experienced so far:

(First off, beautiful but COLD! (28ยบ) and frosty in Pacheco Pass outside Gilroy)

(but still very, very lovely)

(then, so foggy it completely blocked out the sun shortly after this picture was taken and forced us to drive super slowly in fear of wandering blindly into a 70 car pile up)

(then, so bright Pa had to resort to wearing two pairs of sunglasses)

(then perfect!)

(then cool and rainy in the desert east of Barstow)

(then snowy?! It actually snowed a lot harder than this-- in places the road was completely washed out in white and there were drifts on the sides of the road)

(then, beautiful again... for now)

Kiki and her last minute travel companion Cooper (who belongs to a friend and is heading to Pennsylvania) are both taking all the changes in stride so far. Fingers crossed for three more smooth days on the road!


Chelsea said...

Safe travels!

Kate said...

Have a safe trip; hope the weather holds for you.

Andrea said...

I saw Ringo this weekend!

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