Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Horsey Photo Shoot of the New Year!

Yesterday the equestrian team had a 'faux-show' to get some pressure-style practice in and to let some people who might not get to show in regular intercollegiate competitions a chance to have a competitive outing this year. It was just for the IHSA (hunt seat) riders, so I got a chance to take some photos instead. It was so fun! I've missed being out shooting so much. I love my film photography work that I do in school, but it's sure hard to beat the subject matter when I get to turn my attention to horses =)

Here are some highlights of what I got:

(Maddy and Ronnie looking sly waiting for the show to start)

(Dreamer, one of our school horses famous for making somewhat cranky faces while being ridden, actually looking as sweet as she really is)

(Emily and Armani caught in the afternoon half light)

(Alex and Consens warming up)

(RONNIE - soooo handsome)

(Emily and Armani warming up over the fan)

(Maddy and Ronnie looking fly!)

(Nikki and Ronnie, who was decidedly not playing anymore by this point in the afternoon)

(Morgan and a very cute Consens)

(Nikki and Nike covering a mega long spot in style)

(Consens throwing a helluva jump at the 'hand gallop' fence in the work off)

(though Nike was not to be left behind!)

(CHILI - my secret lover; I looove him)

(Sasha and Lando looking very serious in the evening dust)

(Macy and Chocky!)

I don't know how much equine journalism stuff I'll be able to do this year, but we'll see. Someday I'd love to go to Rolex, but that probably won't happen in 2012. Maybe Galway in the spring =)


cindy lou said...


Andrea said...

Omigoodness this is the same Nike I saw half asleep in his paddock! I wouldn't have guessed he was that adorable, who knew!

Katherine Erickson said...

haha you and me both, Andrea! I'd never seen him go before and he was fancayyy

Dom said...

Awesome photos!

jenj said...

Lovely! And the horses have such cute names... I love Nike!

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