Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kiki's Ears are Famous!

I'm a bit late noticing this as I just sat down to my computer for the first time since starting my road trip on Monday (and I'm now back safe at Stanny! Lordy it feels good), but a photo I submitted to Eventing Nation got posted yesterday! Kiki's ears are now famous =D

I didn't really talk about my trip to the beach when I put the pictures up, but it was AWESOME. I went with my mom, and it was her first trip to the beach EVER on her awesome Halfie. We walked and trotted almost the entire length of the beach (3 miles) down and back together, and it was so much fun.

It was also the best weather I think I've ever had at this particular beach; usually when we go it's icy cold and blowing up a gale, which is fun its own way because it makes the experience that much more intense, but this time it was warmer, overcast, and remarkably still. We went early in the morning and the light was absolutely unbelievable (the pictures do it no justice at all).

After Ma and I got back to where we'd started, I turned back again so I could get a little galloping in. We cantered a ways down, and it was one of the most lovely, flowing, and balanced canters I've ever gotten out of Kiki: it felt like we were gliding along completely at our ease. After about a half mile we turned back and I let her open up. It was an unbelievable feeling. She opened up, found a new gear, opened up again, and then found a new gear on top of that and opened up even further. I think it was the fastest I've ever gone on a horse, ever. Kiki can really move! I couldn't get the smile off my face for days afterwards =)


Kate said...

I didn't even recognize her ears!

SprinklerBandit said...

Gorgeous shot!! Congrats on your name semi-fame. ;-)

Alessandra said...

I know perfectly how did you feel when you let the horse opening up: it's such a great feeling! The increasing power of hind legs, the increasing extention of the stride and the increasing adrenaline...It's a perfect moment!
I love the pictures you posted, they are really clear! (I have some problems with taking picture of cantering horses...sometimes this is frustrating..)
Congrats for the pubblication of Kiki ears!

jenj said...

Heehee! Isn't it funny that of all the pictures you've taken, Kiki's ears are the most famous?

It's 'cause they're so cute, you know. ;)

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