Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Resolve

Happy New Year!! Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post. Your words of support really helped cement the gut feeling I've been having of the past few weeks, which is to take a step back, chill out, and take some time to gather a little strength and confidence again.

Pursuant to that, I've decided to give Kiki a vacation instead of sending her into training again. I'm really not sure I want to sell her anymore, and if I did I would want to feel like I played more of a role than this situation would allow - I feel like it's an important part of my learning curve as a horseman to see my relationship with this horse through to completion, instead of just washing my hands of her and leaving her with someone else (not that I wouldn't ask for help! I just want to continue to be part of her journey =)).

I have a close friend (who actually bought Sam, my old horse, and evented him at Prelim for a few seasons) who has agreed to ride her a few times a week. It's a situation I feel great about, and I'm very happy.

So now that I'm feeling a little settled, I've got some New Years Resolutions!

2012 Goals
-Get my Bronze Medal with Ringo-
-Start working towards my Silver Medal with Ringo-

-Graduate from Stanford-
-Get a job!!-
-One word: RESOLVE.
I want to find myself the first day of 2013 a more confident, tough, and happy person.-

-Get Kiki back into shape-
-Return to eventing, positively-
-Find an instructor that I feel really positively about to improve Kiki's jumping technique (I think I have this instructor in Molly, so it will be about me keeping positive and staying with it)-

Today was both the first ride of the year, and my last ride on Kiki for a long time. The weather decided to REALLY cooperate, and we had the most beautiful New Years Day I can ever remember, EVER. It was mid 40s and sunny with giant cottonball clouds. To celebrate, Pa, Ma and I (and all of the dogs!) headed out to the arena for a ride together. I'm just so happy that my mom is riding again and enjoying her awesome Halfie, and that Pa and Dually are slowly but surely getting back into action.

Pa and Dually are only walking for 10 minutes right now, so after they finished Pa was kind enough to get some video of me and Kiki. Hopefully a year from now I can look back on this and see some progress!

First, some sitting trot work after we had warmed up and cantered:

Obviously I want my sitting trot to improve (the perennial refrain!): shoulders back, legs under me, hands quieter!

Then we did some lengthenings/shortenings:

These could be smoother and more extravagant, but I'm still pleased with her. Good girl! Still, shoulders back, Erickson.

Finally, we closed with a little more sitting trot (from verrrrry far away, as Dually had now decided to graze significantly further up the field than in the first video):

Not bad! I find sitting trot on Kiki hard so I do think I've improved (even over this break alone, thanks to watching some awesome Mary Wanless tapes), but there's still a long way to go. I think her trot also looked miles more steady and relaxed in the back than it was earlier in the fall. Good girl lady! Just in time to go on vacay =)

Starting tomorrow I'm off on the long trip back to Stanny - my first cross country trip without the horses, and more importantly without my Pa. I'm a little worried, but very excited because I'm going to stop in some places that I've never had time for before with the horses in tow - namely, the Grand Canyon!! America, here I come!


Amy said...

Sounds like you are getting it all sorted out in your mind and that is really a great thing. A step back sounds like a great idea. I love your new header photo!

STB Eventer said...

Everything will work out. You are an excellent rider! And I am glad that you are not selling Kiki anytime soon. :-D Have a safe trip!!

jenj said...

Things have a way of working themselves out, and sometimes just giving it time is for the best. Have a safe trip cross-country!

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