Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Recharged and Ready

Phew! After a grueling finals period, my friend and I decided to do Spring Break right with a little road trip. Neither of us are originally from California and now, as seniors, face the fact that our time in this amazing state might soon be drawing to a close. So, we each picked a California attraction (within the general scope of southern California to make things more realistically doable) that we wanted to see before we went and vowed to make it happen in one 4-day mad cap adventure. I picked Joshua Tree, and my friend picked Disneyland. The contrast between these two places drew a lot of chuckles from the people we told our plan to, but they ended up complimenting each other perfectly.

(chillin at Hearst Castle, one of my favorite Highway 1 attractions from my time living in Templeton)

(looking SUPER CUTE on Space Mountain)

(My friend Clare and I at Disneyland!!)

(Again. the cuteness. So out of control. Also seriously digging the other people on the ride)

We had an awesome day driving down Highway 1 (probably one of the most scenic roads in the US, if not the world!) on Friday, got up early enough to be on the first tram-load of people into Disneyland on Saturday (where we stayed for 15 hours solid and rode 21 different rides, went to 2 parades and 2 spectaculars, and watched 1 badass fireworks display), then wandered through the desert to Joshua Tree on Sunday (where we drank beer out of mason jars and shot beebees and arrows at the coolest hotel EVER). Finally, Monday was a mad race back to Stanford, where we returned our gas-sipping rental car exactly one minute before closing time. It was exhausting and yet refreshing, and just my kind of vacation.

(With Tigger!)

(Casual in It's a Small World)


Meanwhile, Ringo spent my time away recovering from getting his hocks down, a painfully expensive procedure that hopefully will have the dude feeling loose and limber for the season ahead. I rode him for his first ride back last night, and it was a bit of a comedy of errors between me feeling so rusty and him feeling so wild after being shut in a stall for three days, but hopefully that means we've gotten the bad dress rehearsal out of the way and are ready to shine at Galway!

(Checking out the Salton Sea)

(Having fun in the desert at Joshua Tree)

(My buddy Clare, unexpected beebee sharpshooter)

I have a good plan for the next few days and am ready to execute it. I'm ridiculously excited and can't wait to go back to Galway, which is certainly my favorite event venue in the West and possibly in the entire US. It will also feel somewhat full circle to return to Galway with Ringo, as this show in November 2009 was our last Preliminary together (and my last Preliminary to date... sigh). I feel like I've done a lot of growing up between then and now, some moments of it more painful than others, and I'm excited to come back with a new perspective. Here we go!

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