Thursday, March 15, 2012

Springtime Shenanigans

This past week it finally has started raining at Stanford, after a somewhat worryingly mild winter (because in California, no winter rain means... no rain at all!). The foul weather, combined with the fact that there is only one open riding space for 50+ people to share when it rains, plus the unbelievable craziness that has been trying to finish all of my classes, has meant that I haven't been out to ride nearly as much as usual in the past week.

Ringo doesn't get turnout when the weather turns bad either, so I always at least try to give him some round pen time to blow off a little steam after being stuck in his stall 24/7. Now, Ringo is normally almost suspiciously well-behaved when I lunge him; his old owner told me that he had had a larger than normal amount of natural horsemanship training as a youth, which I think contributes to the fact that he usually trots around, in a frame, and never sets so much as a toe out of line EVER when we're in the round pen.

So given that background, the following would, in Ringo's book, constitute WILD springtime behavior!

The dude is clearly feeling good =) Here are a few more clips of him trotting and cantering a bit later on once the steam has blown off (beware, excessive clucking to follow - he was weirded out by the camera and kept trying to stop and look at it):

I must say, I think he looks awesome! His neck has totally changed shape since I first got him (or especially when we came back from Gina's, which I think was an all-time low for his topline given how crappily I was riding him at the time). He's also in a pretty perfect weight for his lifestyle, and by far the fattest he's ever been while I've had him. He feels very happy and settled to be around, which I'm very proud of =)


Checkmark115 said...

I love that you use the same cues as me :)literally.

Katherine Erickson said...

haha really? Awesome =)

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